Friday, September 23, 2011

When eels attack, rockstars protesting protests and zombie-unicorns, oh my.

Every time that I start thinking my life is a little bizarre, I come across one news story or another that reminds me that the world is a very strange place full of weird stories and characters. One of my favorite sources for unusual news is SexIs Magazine, the online magazine run by EdenFantasys that covers topics ranging from health issues to humor to green living.

Some amusing recent stories include "Foo Fighters Punk the Westboro Baptist Crazies" about the band basically protesting their show's protesters, and "Getting an Eel Up Your Penis is Even Less Fun Than You'd Think" about a spa treatment in China gone horribly, horribly wrong, resulting in surgery. Pop culture junkies can tune in for Aubrey Sitterson's columns about the fascinating happenings on Jersey Shore each week and a series examining how stereotypes are portrayed on True Blood. Fans of The Bloggess's blog will also get a kick out of her regular column at SexIs, which includes hilarious lists of the weirdest things people have e-mailed her lately. Last month she interviewed a nature expert she met on a cruise (in the absurd way that only she can manage), with questions that somehow turned to antichrist sharks and the ever-important zombies vs unicorns question.

Have you guys read any bizarre news stories lately? And really, who WOULD win in a zombies vs. unicorns battle?

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♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

No ,I haven't bizarre news stories ?

I wish Unicorns win.

Bamatrav said...

I just watch the bizarre and stare in disbelief at a good safe distance.