Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Disney Box

This is my Disney box. It's one of those big plastic storage tubs and yes, it is about 90% full of stuff.

There's a crazy mix of items from vacations and my years of working for the Mouse. There are postcards, check stubs, pins and buttons, park maps, old room keys, times guides, work newsletters, you name it.

A few random items: All Star Resort cast Christmas card, La Nouba pass, 2008 Maingate, Tomorrowland Speedway license, Test Track Fast Pass, Pleasure Island wristband from when Downtown Disney didn't suck.

Almost impossible to read now, my Tomorrowland training schedule: 6:30 AM-3 PM one day, 4:30 PM- 1AM the next. It's like their way of saying "Welcome to Disney! Oh, btw, we own you now!"

The problem is, I have no idea what to DO with all this stuff. As cool and full of memories as it is, what good is it doing sitting in a box? I feel like there has to be SOMETHING better to do with all of it.



Sharon said...

It's a totally unoriginal idea, but maybe make a scrapbook? I've done that for many of my huge trips or travel adventures. I'm currently working on one for all my U2360 adventures. :) If the items are relatively flat, scrapbooking is a great way of preserving all your stuff. I have ticket stubs, GA wristbands and all sorts of other random crap that I'm putting into my book. :)

Elisha Lynn said...

I have boxes like these in my closet for every summer that I worked at camp.

I went through all of the bits and pieces that I collected during those summers. I kept the meaningful bits (notes from campers, pictures colored by co-workers, flyers for events, ribbons for doing well) and threw out the rest.

Everything that I kept went into a shoe box. I decorated the lid and labeled it accordingly. Now I have a nice, compact, time capsule to look through when I am nostalgic, and hopefully to share with my future daughters one day when I have kids!

danjor21 said...

Some Disney items might sell on ebay if you don't wish to keep them. As for the stuff you do want to keep, scrapbook it!

Lydia @ See Beautiful said...

Oh, people have great ideas. Ebay is a good one. Scrapbooking is great. You could find some shadow boxes and create some neat collages.

Popping in from Comment Love day!

Kathryn said...

That's a pretty cool idea you have there! I used to have something similar, but not for Disney just for random stuff that was near and dear to my heart. I hope you figure out a cool idea for it all. might have some cool idea. I always get my inspiration from that site! :) Stopping by from comment love day, hope you have a wonderful day!

Linda Jordan said...

I have a couple friends that work for Disney! Though one works in Anaheim & the other one works in the animation studios. They both have all sorts of collections of things as well. I would suggest making a scrapbook. A mini would work really well because you don't have to scrap every item, the larger items just go in as a page themselves. That would be so much fun! [I am on a mini-kick right now] Visiting from FTLOB!


KY said...

All of this is so lovely! I started saving little travel trinkets from our vacations and I plan on doing "something" with them. What about buying a clear memory box (I've seen them at Michaels) and putting many of the items in there, then placing the box somewhere where you'll see it and be reminded of your special memories?