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Halloween costume procured! I'm so ahead of schedule!

You guys already know that I'm obsessed with Halloween costumes. I'm a firm believer that there should be a holiday you get to dress up for at least 4 times a year. Picking out a costume is almost like a more fun version of answering the age-old "What do I want to be when I grow up?" question. was awesome enough to let me pick out a costume to review, and let me tell you, it was a TOUGH choice! They have hundreds of choices in just about every category you can think of. I spent almost 2 hours looking through everything before I could make a choice!

Here are a few that I didn't pick that I thought were super cute:

Tribal Trouble Costume
I came SO CLOSE to picking this one! I'm part Cherokee, so I could totally rock it, right? This is totally on my wishlist now.

Sexy Rosie The Maid Costume
I think this Jetsons-inspired Rosie the Maid costume is so cute and clever!

Christmas Story Leg Lamp Costume
I also thought the Christmas Story Leg Lamp costume was hilarious. Plus, you could instantly know to start shunning any of your friends who didn't get the joke.

I was also REALLY impressed with their selection of plus size costumes, they have almost 300! It's so rare to find a site that offers SEXY plus-sized options! Plus, they show all of them on actual plus-sized models, so you get a much better idea of what it might look like on. Even though I shop in the "standard" size category, I found the plus size photos really helpful since I'm super curvy!

A few of the plus size options:

Plus Size Dark Alice CostumePlus Size Referee CostumePlus Size Wicked Queen CostumePlus Size Red Riding Hood Costume

One of my FAVORITE features of the site is that a lot of the costume's pages have not just photos, but videos! Anyone who has ever ordered something online and been totally surprised when it looked nothing like the photo can totally appreciate the chance to see a costume in something other than the perfectly-lit photo the manufacturer supplies! Actually seeing how a costume moves and looks at all angles helps so much!

On top of everything else, Yandy even has their own line of unique Halloween costumes that you won't find anywhere else!

So, what did I end up picking?

Reversible Officer to Sailor Costume

After a lot of debate, I went with this Reversible Officer to Sailor Costume by Dreamgirl. I just couldn't pass up a reversible corset and a tutu, especially since it came with TWO hats! Something like this is perfect if you have more than one Halloween party to go to and don't want to wear the same thing, but don't want to have to buy two costumes, either!

It isn't 100% how I imagined it from the photos, but it is still really cute! Here's a breakdown of some of the good and bad, and some tips on fit!

*Packaging- The costume arrives in a sturdy plastic bag that has snaps and a hanger, so you can use it to store the costume in your closet if you want. Handy for a costume that has so many pieces!

*Reversible! Sometimes when something claims to be reversible, you get one good side and one that just barely passes as wearable. That's not the case here, you really can wear the bustier on either side without being able to tell it has another side!

(blue side is w/ a bra underneath, an experiment that didn't work that well)

*Removable Bra-type straps- You can choose to wear this strapless or attach the included adjustable straps.

*Lace-up back- Not only is this super sexy, but since it laces both from the top down and the bottom up (with both sets of laces meeting in the middle), you can adjust how it fits your top and bottom halves separately.

*Since you have both the lace-up back and a hook and eye closure in the front, once you get the laces adjusted how you want them, you can pretty much just leave them like that and get in and out of the corset via the hooks.

*Even though the corset is different from what I expected, it's really pretty! It is well constructed and should hold up fairly well through quite a few uses.

*From the photo, I thought the little anchor decal was permanantly attached to the corset, but in reality both it and the police badge are pins that you can choose to wear or not. Since you can wear the bustier plain, I can totally see being able to wear this out as a regular top when it's not Halloween!

The police badge is plastic and quite sturdy. It looks gold in the official pic, but it's very silver. It's a really nice quality accessory! The anchor pin is made from tiny sequins on white fabric. It's cute, but if you look closely the fabric looks almost like a paper towel. Still, it's a cute addition to the sailor side of the costume.

*Stretchy skirt waistband- A thick elastic waistband on the skirt makes this both really comfy and easy to fit to a variety of sizes. It measures 16" across when laid flat, and comfortably stretches to about 23" across.

*The back half of the bustier is made of stretchy fabric, making this even easier to fit different shapes.

*A navy blue bow on a pin is also included. In the photo, it is shown worn at the center of the bust of the white side of the corset, but you could really wear it on either side, wherever you want. One nice thing about wearing it on the white side is that it helps to cover the hooks and gap where the corset hooks up (see cons.)

*Most corsets have what's refered to as a "privacy panel" if they have a hook-and-eye closure- it's a little strip of fabric that sits behind the hooks so your bare skin doesn't show through there. Since this is reversible, there isn't one, so there's a bit of a gap where you can see your stomach in the front of the bustier. You could probably attach some ribbon inside to cover the skin if this bothers you.

*The hooks are fairly hidden on the blue side, but when you flip to the white side they're very easy to see.

*Because the boning of the corset continues up over the bust area, it can flatten out your boobs a bit. Since the corset was a little big on me in the chest, it didn't offer any bust support, either.

*Skirt is super see-through and short! You are definitely going to need some shorts or another skirt under this! Here you can see my hand through the 4 layers of fluffy net fabric:

I will definitely need to wear some booty shorts or something under this, because a lot of my butt sticks out, even with it worn low. Keep in mind that I'm 5'11", though, so the length probably won't be quite so drastically short on someone of a more average height.

*You'll probably have room to wear a bra under this, but I found that since it's so low cut in the back, my bra band totally stuck out over the top. If this came up a few inches higher in the back, it would be much easier to wear a bra! I'm going to try to find some of those stick-on bra cups to wear underneath.

Other Misc. Notes:
*The fabric of the bustier is different than I expected, it's thinner and shinier than it looked to me in the photo. I think I was expecting something more cotton-polyester, but this is more satiny.

*The cop hat is adjustable but really hard to wear in a flattering way. I'm not even sure it's possible, actually...

*The sailor hat, on the other hand, is pretty cute!

I'm a little bit surprised that this ended up being a bit large on me. I'm not sure that it's big enough that I should have gone a size down, but I could definitely gain a few pounds and still fit with no problem.

There's a super handy size chart on DreamGirl's site, as well as a drop-down one on Yandy. I'm a bit smaller than most of the measurements for the size I ordered (XL), but I generally order up because I'm about 90% boobs, so I need a top that will fit. Almost any shirt or lingerie I buy is usually too small in the bust but fine everywhere else, or fits in the bust and is giant everywhere else. Oddly, this was the opposite! It's a little roomy in the bust, and fits great throughout the torso. Unfortunately since this is a little large on me, I have to wear it laced up as tight as possible, so I can't take it in anymore on top to help the fit there. It would probably be easy to just pick up some of those stick-on bra cup things to wear underneath to help with shape and lift.

Unless you're quite busty, I'd suggest ordering down a size if you're on the border of two sizes, especially since you have lots of extra ribbon to make the lacing wider in the back.

The skirt is a great fit- I can wear it down around my hips (where it is intended to be worn) very comfortably.

The size chart suggests the XL for sizes 14-16. I generally wear an 11/12, so the size chart was probably pretty spot-on.

Overall, I'd give this costume 4 out of 5 stars! You get a lot of pieces for the price, and everything included is pretty nice quality. You can use this in the bedroom, wear it out for costume parties and even work some of the pieces into your everyday wardrobe. Most of the problems that I had with the costume (see-through skirt, gap in the front of the corset) are pretty easy fixes, so I'd almost bump this up to 4.5 stars!

Huge thanks to Yandy for hooking me up with this great costume! I was really impressed with their selection and hope I can work with them again in the future!

Have you picked out a costume for this year yet, if you're dressing up?

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