Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter Experiment

I'm going to try something different this winter.

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Since I will (hopefully, hopefully, omg hopefully) be back in Orlando way before this time next year, this will (HOPEFULLY) be my last actual winter for at least a few years. (Did my desperation to go back come through in those parentheses?)

And so, even though I HATE HATE HATE Winter...

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I am going to try to like it this year.

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I'm going to try to celebrate it.

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I have no idea how I'm going to pull this off, but I do enjoy a challenge.

No bitching and whining about cold. No groaning about the greyness and ice.

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I'm going to find something to like.

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Any suggestions?


Katie said...


smalltown20something said...

You are a better person than I.
We've just started getting snow and I've already started complaining.

Ronni said...

You are BRAVE for doing this. When it comes to winter, I'm a complaining complainer who complains. SUCK.

Good luck! :)