Monday, October 24, 2011

Yard Sale Scores!

One thing I miss about Orlando is that there's pretty much always something awesome going on. If I was there right now, I'd be getting geared up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party and stuffing myself silly at Epcot's annual Food & Wine fest. The town I'm currently in doesn't even have a Starbucks, let alone many fun events, so when something to do does pop up, I get pretty excited!

Last weekend, one of the eleventy billion churches (in a town of about 2,000) had a ginormous yard sale. Friday was a regular sale, but on Saturday you could stuff as much as you wanted into a paper grocery bag for $2.

I actually forgot all about the sale on Friday, which was ok since Saturday was obviously the better day. Of course, I also then totally forgot about it for most of Friday night, so it was 4AM when I realized the sale was only from 8-12 the next day, so I decided to just stay up.

Given that my town is like 2 miles long, I only live like 5 minutes from the church, so I went over about a quarter after 8. I now kinda wish I'd been there right when they opened-- my theory had been to avoid the crazy early morning people, but now I'm kind of jealous that they got to pick over things first. (I am going to make for a really spectacular old woman someday, I already have the skills down!)

At first I poked through things a little tentatively, but after around half an hour, my bag was STUFFED and my arm was about to break off. I handed the cashier dude my $2 on the way out, drove home, dropped the bag on the kitchen table and fell asleep. (I'd been up since like 7 am the day before.) I'm embarrassed to admit my arm was actually sore from carrying the bag around, but given that it had (literally) over 20 books in it, I think that's forgiveable.

Here's what I scored for $2:

How much did I pay for this dress? Oh, you know, 6 cents. (Fo' real. When I did the math, my $2 bag came out at just over 6 cents per item. Scoooooooore.) It's one of my favorite things that I got-- it wasn't even on the racks during my first pass, but when I was making one last trip around to fill the last few inches of my bag, there it was, all shiny and new and my size!

Other snazzy finds:

I think this is almost all of the books I got. I was kinda in a hurry, so I just tossed in anything that looked like it may be interesting.

The book on the very bottom is a little blank journal type of book with decorated pages and quotes. I can never have enough books to write in, so I was pretty excited about that. Just today, though, I saw this inside the front cover:

I find it totally fascinating and a little sad that this was given as a gift in 1986, but was never written in. What led to it finally being donated to the sale? Did the recipient die, or just decide not to hang onto it anymore? Why didn't she ever write anything in it?

I also got a cute vintage purse, several scarves, like 10 shirts and a braided belt. Not bad at ALL for $2!

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The Vox said...

Awesome! Also, I'm so glad someone else buys a ton of books at yard sales/secondhand. I'm cool again!