Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

This started out as a kind of different post.  Yesterday morning I pulled up blogger to jot down the first couple of things I'm thankful for (Katie and I started a tradition last year of posting a list of things we're thankful for on Thanksgiving.  Click here for last year's list, and read on for this year's!) before I forgot, so I'd have the post all started for today.  Then my cell phone rang.

I am not a phone person, so most people never call me and are smart enough to text instead.  On the rare occasions my cell does ring, it's usually some telemarketer/bill collector type. so I ignore it.  So, when "private number" flashed on the screen yesterday, I rolled my eyes.  For some weird reason though, I grabbed it, planning to just say they had the wrong number.

"Is this Crystal?"
"Yes?"  Oh, crap, I was supposed to say no.  I fail at lying.
"This is Officer (Name) with the Branson West police department.  Your mother was in a car accident.  She's okay, but she needs you to come to the scene."

Didn't see that one coming.

After some quick "OMG OMG OMG" panicking, I threw on some jeans and shoes and headed out.  She was only about 10 minutes away, but of course I got stuck behind a Winnebago doing 35.  Move it, dude!

When I got there, there was a police car, an ambulance, and tow trucks, one of which had my mom's seriously messed up car on the back.  The windshield was shattered, and most of the front driver's side was totally crushed.  I was flooded with the feeling that the police officer had lied to me on the phone so I wouldn't panic.  There was nowhere to park so I pulled my car off the road and ran back up to where everyone was.  The cop told me my mom was in the ambulance, so they let me climb in the back, where they had her hooked up to all kinds of monitors and stuff.

They were pretty sure she was ok, but wanted to take her in to the hospital just in case.  I stayed behind to give the police insurance info and all that, and then drove over to the hospital.  (I'm amazed I made it, I had no gas, no money to get gas, and it's like 20 miles.  And I have panic attacks driving.) Long, multi-hour story short, she did turn out to be ok.  She has some burns/rash on her face and neck from where the air bag deployed, and her neck and back are a little sore, but things are nowhere near as bad as they could be.

We don't know yet if her car can be fixed or if it will have to be totaled.  I'm just glad that she's mostly okay, because otherwise this could be a really different Thanksgiving.  So with that preamble, here's this year's list.

1. My BlackBerry!  I'm so excited I finally joined the 21st century!
2. The existence of whipped cream flavored vodka.
3. All the cool giveaways I've won this year.  So much fun!
4. My library has e-books now!
5. EdenFantasys!  I've gotten like $2000 worth of lingerie for free this year thanks to their ambassador and review programs!
6. All of my awesome blog & Twitter followers!  I can't believe I'm now over 100 and 200 respectively!
7. That this winter has been delightfully snow-free so far, and actually really decent in terms of warmth.
8. Glee.  It makes me really happy.
9. Pinterest!  How did we ever live without it??
10. Toes!  How can one kitten bring so much love and joy?  (and giant feet?)
11.  The amazing summer trip I had chasing U2 around Canada!
12. To go with #11, the fact that The Edge WAVED TO ME in Toronto!
13. Rafflecopter.  I know that sounds lame, but it has made running/entering giveaways so much easier!
14. My car is FINALLY paid off!
15. That I actually answered my phone yesterday.
16. That mom and I are about to chow down on absurd amounts of carbs today, instead of her spending it in the hospital.
17. Creativity
18. All the other cats.  They are hilarious and cuddly.
19. The way that throwing on giant dangly earrings can distract from a bad hair/makeup/face day.
20. Starbucks espresso in a can
21. My amazing viper socks from Ozone Socks.  I got one pair half off, and they sent me another pair FREEE because they love me.
22. Dalton Warblers
23. Edge's Love Is Blindness solo in From The Sky Down
24. My growing collection of superb owl rings
25. Queso
26. My comfy new pillow
27. Being freakishly flexible
28. 20/20 vision
29. Freelance Whales
30. All of the parts/systems of my body that DO work right
31. The rapidly approaching end of my 20s.  30s have to be better, right?
32. Yummy scented candles that don't make me sneeze
33. Sporcle.  I need something to knock my ego down now and then.  (Flags of the World is HARD, y'all.)
34. Guilty pleasure reality TV.
35. Any episode of True Blood that involves a mostly-naked Alexander Skarsgard
36. Any episode of Glee that involves Darren Criss in a bow tie.
37. No zombie apocalypse yet.
38. Caffeinated lip balm
39. Having perfect eyebrows
40. Less than 10k to go on NaNoWriMo!
41. The Daily Show & Colbert Report
42. High heels & cute boots
43. My boobs.  They're awesome.
44. Naps
45. Tea in a can, easy and tasty!
46. Random inspiration
47. Not having kids
48. Pumpkin-flavored holiday foods & drinks
49. That awesome Orange Julius that felt like it saved my life on a super hot day in Niagara Falls.
50. Rainy days spent reading in bed
51. Music
52. Strength
53. My awesome pink sunglasses
54. Comfy yoga pants
55. Mascara
56. Hammocks
57. My KT!
58. My mom <3
59. Other awesome friends
60. All the good things still to come


Katie said...

I <3 you! Thankful for you and your mom and all your kittehs and all the years of everythingness. :)

Kathy S said...

I'm glad your mom is okay :)

Erika said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing alright!