Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It's November again! That means...

I usually start right at midnight on Nov 1, but I was somehow SUPER sleepy last night and fell asleep early, so I started around 7 this morning, instead. I've already written over 8,000 words today, though (and it's still early!), so I'm quite a bit ahead of schedule! I think that's actually the most I've ever done on day 1! If I can just make sure I keep writing SOMETHING every day, hitting 50,000 should be a breeze. If you can manage it, I highly recommend knocking out at least 5k on the first day, it gives you some leeway to be lazy as the month progresses! (You need to average 1667 words/day to meet the goal!)

I've won the past two years, things are looking good for year 3! (I did it several years before that and totally faaaaailed each time! Although even if you don't win, you still end up with more of a novel than you started with!)

I went into this year with pretty much nothing planned out. I had a title and a very, very vague idea for a story, but no outlines or anything. I just really hope I don't run out of steam (and ideas!) after a few days!

Are any of you guys participating, too?

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Laura said...

8,000 words, I am super impressed. This is my first year participating and I am at about 3,000 words right now but I have a few hours of day 1 left.

Good luck this month :)