Monday, November 21, 2011

Shopping Scores!

Given that I am currently living in the middle of nowhere, I don't get out much, but last week I made my not quite monthly pilgrimage to Branson to hit up Target and the shopping center around it. I can't believe I get so excited about like, Target and Kohls now. This is what the midwest has done to me. I might make out with Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus when I get back to Orlando. Like, actually cuddle the mannequins or something.

I'm super broke right now, so I had almost nothing to spend, but y'all, I SCORED! I found some cute khaki shorts on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx for $3! Shorts never go on clearance in Florida, so I guess that's one point for Missouri! They aren't the cutest shorts in the history of the universe or anything (I can't even remember what brand they are) but they fit well and are neutral enough to go with lots of things, and did I mention THREE DOLLARS? I'm pretty proud.

I was amazed that I didn't even try on anything at Kohl's. Apparently the Crystal look is out, because nothing appealed to me. I usually end up with a big stack of stuff in the dressing room there, but this time, nada. I had the same problem at Target. Other than a Target-brand (Merino, I think? What is their store brand?) v-neck stripey sweater, nothing caught my eye. I tried it on, but as much as I love blue and green as a color combo, it looked wrong on me. Fail!

I never really look at mens clothes since, you know, the only males in my life have cats, but I decided to check out the t-shirts since they sometimes have good band shirts. I did a happy dance when I found Ireland & England shirts for $2.48 each! SCORE! This is what the Irish one looks like:

Ireland Men's Graphic Tee - Green

I'm totally set for the next U2 tour now!

The main goal of my shopping day was to get a Starbucks holiday drink-- I had been planning on a pumpkin spice frappuccino, but changed my mind to gingerbread at the last second. It was pretty good, but I think I prefer gingerbread with hot drinks, like a gingerbread latte. I totally cracked up when on the drive home, I realized that the coffee was the most expensive thing I bought all day!

I had a minor freak-out on my drive home because my "you need gas, idiot!" light had been on for over 10 miles when I got stuck waiting for road construction. You know how they sometimes close down one lane and then only let a few cars go at a time? That. I sat there for a LONG time, but at least Cory Monteith (Finn from Glee) was doing Q&A on Twitter at the time, so I was kept amused. Texting in the car is ok if you are stuck sitting still!

I can't believe that a trip to Target and Starbucks is now a super exciting day for me. Send civilization, you guys.

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