Thursday, November 03, 2011

Time to prepare...

Last night, Katie kept asking me questions about snow for her NaNoWriMo novel, since she's never lived anywhere but Florida. It's funny trying to explain things that are just a part of your normal life. Like, how would you explain rain to someone who lived somewhere that it never rained?

Anyway, this morning I checked my phone to see when it would be warm enough to go to the library (I systematically plan my errands around the warmest time of day.) And I saw this:

Then this conversation happened:

Me: I need to go to the li-berry, but the sun isn't supposed to come out till 3
KT: O_o
KT: Where do you live, Mordor?
Me: why do you think it's abbreviated MO?

So, class, what have we learned here today?

Flashcard of a math symbol for Equal To

Pretty much.


Katie said...

Mwahahahahaa! I'm telling you... the stuff I'm writing is, dare I say, coming to pass...

MarieHarmony said...

Sure it's hard to explain, thought I am sure you did it well! Snow is blessing, isn't it?

Visiting from Comment Love Day! Take care.