Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What to Wear for Winter

It is getting COLD in Missouri, y'all!  I have started timing my errands around what the weather forecast says will be the warmest part of the day.  I know I was here last winter, but I still feel like winter is a totally foreign thing.  I'm so jealous that as I'm writing this, it is 54 back home in Orlando, but 33 here.

I need to figure out some kind of winter style.  I keep leaving the house looking kinda scary because I just keep piling on warm things that don't especially look good together.  That, or I get into a state of denial about how cold it is, and end up freezing.  Today I went grocery shopping wearing flip-flops, jeans and a button down shirt, and it was like 45 degrees.  I froze!  I need to figure out winter style.

I'm kind of digging these two sweaters from Aeropostale.  I love the colors on the 2nd one, and that I could throw the hood over my head going from the car to the store (or wherever), but I'm not really sure I could pull off the colors.

Annnd I just realized that I am still cold weather shopping in terms of Florida cold weather.  That first sweater is what I'd throw on when it gets down to like 65 mid-winter in Orlando.  I need to figure out 30 degree Missouri winter!

What do you guys wear when it gets super cold?  Do you go for heavyweight stuff, or lots and lots of layers? When are they going to invent a sweater that's like an electric blanket you can wear?

This post was brought to you by Aeropostale, but all opinions are 100% my own.


Katie said...

Did you catch the deal from Aero on Black Friday? I shopped online and it was 40% off everything annnd free shipping...and a free bear haha.

Sharon said...

My Google reader likes to take days to have your blog posts appear in my queue, so I'm just seeing it this morning. Since I live in the Great White North (aka Canada), I definitely have some suggestions for you. Granted, it never gets as cold in my city as it does in a lot of the rest of the province, but I still know what to do. Sorry. I'm rambling.

Anyway, it's ALL about layers, layers, layers. Some heavyweight things like a coat are a great idea, but otherwise wear lots of layers. When it's super cold I'll often wear a tank top, then a long sleeved shirt and a t-shirt over top of that. If necessary a hoodie or a fleece vest to top it all off. Bottoms are harder to figure out. I'd wear a pair of tights/leggings or long johns, then jeans over that. Socks - put on a thin pair first, then a big fat wooly pair over top.

Whew. That was long. But the point is lots of layers, so that you can take clothes off as you warm up throughout the day. :)

Sharon said...

Sorry, I shouldn't have said province in the first paragraph - I meant country. Amy and Kristen and Drea have it a LOT worse than I do in their neck of the country. LOL.