Friday, December 23, 2011

Let Them Smell Like Cake!

I'm kind of obsessed with the stuff from Cake Beauty, you guys!

I mentioned the Holiday Handful Trio in my last EdenFantasys post.  That's what started the obsession.  I rarely use scented stuff, but I was so in love with the Vanilla Snow Woman hand cream that I kept putting it on like every day.  I've since ordered a couple of other products that I'm in looooooove with!

Satin sugar hair and body powder for darker hues - Powder
First up, I got the Satin Sugar Hair & Body Powder (for darker hues).  This stuff is amazeballs, y'all.  It's a dry shampoo that you can sprinkle into your roots and rub around to soak up oil when you don't have time for actual hair washing.  I've tried a couple of dry shampoos before, but I couldn't stand the smell, so I'm SO excited that I like this one!  The product description says it smells like "baked lemon sugar", but I don't smell the lemon at all.  To me, it smells more like hot chocolate mix.  Either way, it's definitely a sweet, sugary smell.  You can also use it as a body powder, but I haven't tried that yet.  I wear hair extensions sometimes (around half the year), and when I do, washing my hair becomes WAY more of a chore.  Since only the roots really get oily, I can now rub a little of this stuff on and avoid the eighty hour hair washing fiasco for an extra day!  SCORE.  It's also available for lighter hair.

The other thing I got was this "Plane Friendly Travel Kit", which is both adorable and actually really useful.  The bag that the products come in is a zippered sturdy plastic, perfect for the things you have to get hand checked by security when you fly.  Each of the products inside are 3oz or smaller, so they're ok to have in your carry on bag.  There's a small size of the Milk Made lotion (which was in the Holiday Handful trio in the big size), which I'm planning to give to someone for Christmas since I know the scent makes me sneeze.  There's also both a body wash and body cream of the It's A Slice scent, which I LOOOOVE.  It smells like orange-vanilla, so it immediately makes me think orange sherbet or creamsicle.  It smells SO good, I can barely resist licking my hand.  AND it doesn't make me sneeze!  There's also a lotion and body wash in the Desserted Island scent.  That one is supposed to smell like coconut and vanilla, but to me it's more of a vague tropical scent.  It's not my favorite, but it's nice.  I totally plan to buy the large size of the It's A Slice products, though!  If you take my word on nothing else ever, believe me when I say you need those!

There's a sale right now where you can get 20% off your order with the coupon code MAGIC, just enter it at checkout!

This post is sponsored by EdenFantasys.  I will be compensated with a gift card in exchange for this post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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