Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Random Catching Up

I just realized it's been forever since I posted about my actual life!  That used to be all I talked about!  It's funny how we all kind of go in cycles of what fascinates us and what we feel like talking/writing about.

So, first, it seems to be Winter.  This happened yesterday:

I'm still trying to keep up that whole not complaining about Winter thing I said I'd do, so I will say it was pretty fun to see Toes play in snow for the first time!  Even though Jasper saw snow last year, he's still a Florida kitty at heart and basically wants nothing to do with it.

Next, I heard this song on Hart of Dixie the other night, and now I'm kinda obsessed with it!

Apparently I'm not the only one!  This video had about 300 views when I first looked it up on Tuesday night, now it has over 61,000!!!

Third, why is Google making everything ugly now?  They totally ruined Google Reader, and now YouTube is hideous, too.  Bleh!

Finally, this is happening in a few days:
Pinned Image

I should totally demand two cakes like that!

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Katie said...

I completely agree about Google uglifying everything. I just signed into gmail and discovered I've been "upgraded" to the "New Gmail". It's UGLY. Ew.