Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sick Kitten

Oh, what a weekend at Casa Crystal.

I had to take Toes to the vet on Friday, because he'd had diarrhea for a couple of days.  The vet looked him over, gave him some dewormer and said to come back if he wasn't better by Monday.  I'll spare you guys the gory details, but he sooo wasn't better yet today, so back to the vet's we went, this time with a fecal sample.

"Merry Christmas!" I greeted the receptionist.  "I brought you a bag of poop!"

The vet knew what it was pretty much as soon as he smelled it, but ran a few tests anyway to rule out something else.  Turns out his first guess was right- poor Toey has a parasite called cryptosporidium.  There aren't really any effective medicines to treat it, it just has to run its course, which can take several months.  POOR TOEY!!  The vet put him on special intestine-friendly food and suggested a supliment we can add to help him heal faster, but for the most part we have to wait it out.  Yuck!

I feel so bad for my little guy.  He's obviously really uncomfortable, you can tell he just wants to play and be a kitten, but he feels so crappy. (Pardon the pun.)

Cross your fingers he starts feeling better ASAP!


Megg said...

Poor baby!! I hate it when my kitties are sick :( Worms and parasites are, unfortunately, common especially in kittens. I hope he gets better quickly!

Kathy S said...

Poor thing. I hope he feels better soon!