Saturday, January 29, 2011

Missing the Magic

I have been starting to miss Disney World lately. Yes, it has taken almost 9 months of being away, but that "homesickness" has started to creep in.

I worried that when I came back to Missouri it would feel incredibly dull. When you basically live (and work) at Disney, you get used to unusual, sometimes magical things happening on a daily basis. You know it is 9pm when you hear the fireworks frp, your apartment. If you're bored on your day off, you go visit your favorite gorilla at DAK, or head to Epcot for some Moroccan food. It doesn't take long at all to totally forget that the rest of the world doesn't live like this.

Being me, I miss weird things, little things. Here are a few of them:

*My favorite chair on the giant balcony at the Boardwalk Resort.

I should do an entire post about the Boardwalk/Swolphin/YBC area, it's one of my favorite places in the World!

*Sitting on my favorite beach at the Polynesian, watching the boats skim across the lagoon and the monorail circle between the resorts.

*Wandering down the path along the Sassagoula at the Port Orleans Resorts

*Eating gelato in a hammock at Coronado Springs

I'm planning to move back later this year, maybe in the later part of the summer. I want to really *miss* it before I go back, though, so I can appreciate it again.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tape Debate

I have a conundrum, dear friends.

I have been going through all of the boxes and boxes of stuff that I left behind at my mom's house when I moved to Florida, and I just came across an entire box of old VHS tapes. So I'm curious...

What do I *DO* with them?

They seem so bulky to keep around, and a lot of them are of things I now have on DVD, but there are a million unlabeled ones that I would have to watch (or at least fast forward through) to discover the contents.

Do you still have all of your old VHS tapes? Did you get them converted to DVD? Just buy dvds to replace the things you had taped? Just toss them all in the trash? I'm super curious to know!

John Hughes did not direct my life.

I think I'm a little bit obsessed with Easy A.


I totally love Olive (and Emma Stone)- she might be my new hero.


It just makes me happy.


By the way, I'm not sure exactly what it says about me that when I first saw this shot:

My first thought was "ZOMG! That's the polka dot corset by Coquette!"

Olive is totally shopping off my wishlist. HERO.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I am dyyyying to get my W2 from Disney so I can file my taxes already! I'm used to getting it online, and thus filing on the first possible day. I like getting it over with!

Since I did some freelance writing this year, I'm not sure if I will be getting money back, or actually having to pay for the first time! That makes me nervous, so I'm even more anxious to get them done!

Do you do your own taxes, or get someone else to do them? I usually do mine free online. If you do, too, do you prefer TurboTax or TaxCut, or some other program I haven't heard of?

turbo hr

Friday, January 21, 2011

And the winner is....!

After spending almost all day stupidly thinking today was the 20th instead of 21st, I finally realized the date and hit to pick the winner of my $25 EdenFantasys giveaway!

The winner is... Erin of Coffee Level Critical! Erin, you should have an e-mail waiting, please get back to me!

Thanks to everyone who entered and my new followers, hope you stick around!

You all, everybody!

Post title inspired by the delightful number of Drive Shaft shirts that came up when I searched for band shirts.

I have a bit of a pet peeve about t-shirts. Not so much about shirts themselves, but about how they are marketed.

A few months ago, I was looking for a maroon t-shirt to alter into an even more awesome maroon t-shirt. I hit my friendly neighborhood Target (and by "neighborhood" I mean "45 min away"- Missouri sucks at some things.) and browsed around. I only found one maroon t-shirt, went to try it on, and found it to fit horribly. I was grumpy and sad, because I am impatient and wanted my shirt N-O-W. Before totally admitting defeat, I hit the men's section and behold! A maroon t-shirt of epic awesomeness, and only $7! SCORE.

I am not going to bitch about a men's Medium fitting me better than a women's XL, nor about it being $7 instead of $25. Instead, I am going to whine because when I ventured into that exotic land of them men's department (Hey, I've been single for a while.), I came across a whole slew of awesome band t-shirts. Whaaaa?

Since then, I have noticed it in several other places- the men's section of pretty much any mass merchandiser (Target, Wal-Mart, etc) or department store (Kohls, Macys, etc) or just clothing store in general will have an awesome array of band shirts. The women's section will not.

Society, are you trying to tell me I shouldn't like music? That my lack of a penis means that I can't like the Beatles?

I kid, but seriously. Let's look at some of the graphic tees currently available for womenfolk at my beloved Target (That is pronounced Tar-zhay, if you didn't know.)

(I feel the need to share that I just took a break from writing this post to eat pizza. It is 9am. I am obviously a girl whose opinions you should take super-seriously.)

Anyway, chick shirts:

Including this shirt is my shout-out to The Bloggess. I feel kinda bad for the model, btw- "Smile so we can cut your head off!"

Hey, that guy used to be my boss!

Posting this shirt because Rachel Zoe is my imaginary BFF.

I don't even have the energy to rant about THIS one right now. Or the fact that the model's arm seems to be on backward.

ZOMG, a Paramore shirt! That is like, a BAND! I FOUND ONE!

Product Image Justin Bieber Hearts Tee - Pink


In conclusion: band shirts? Not so much. There was one Black Eyed Peas shirt in there that I didn't post because it was cut exactly like a men's shirt. There was also a Katy Perry "pin-up" image shirt, which I am not counting because I believe Katy Perry fails at both music and pin-up-ness (and maybe life.) . Otherwise, that is IT for band shirts. Oh, there are some Glee shirts, but although music-related, Glee is not a band, and the L-shaped fingers look like they are about to pinch nipple. Now if they sold a Puck shirt, I'd be all over that, but that's another post.

For comparison's sake, let's check out the men's department!

I had to photoshop snazzy graphics together or they would have gone on forever. But you get the point. Why do the dudes get the Beatles and we don't? Why can't I have Jimmy Page on my boobs?

Does this annoy you, too? Or are you thinking "Dude, walk 10 feet to the men's section and get your band tees there, you lazy ass!"

Catching Up!

I am posting this so that you guys will hold me accountable! I have seriously slacked at blogging lately! I have so many half-finished posts sitting in the drafts folder and tons of photos that I took for the purpose of blogging about one thing or another that are just sitting around unused. So in an attempt to actually catch up, I'm posting a list of posts I need to write this week, with a goal to cross off at least 5 from the list!

*Eyebrow Tutorial (for Katie)
*Face Candy Couture eye shadow review
*Post about evil winter weather and cats who are cute in it
*EdenFantasys Wishlist I need to post to enter a contest, because free stuff is AWESOME
*A drool-worthy list of all of the chocolatey things I consumed over the holidays
*Part 3 of 1000 Things That Make Me Happy
*A post about my awesome acupressure yoga mat
*Some of the fifty billion e.l.f. eyeshadow quad reviews I have half-written

I probably won't do a Stuff I Totally Need Saturday, since I have been way too busy with other things to shop online lately. I know, I KNOW! Where have my priorities gone? Oh wait! Maybe I could combine that with the EF wishlist post! HA! Two birds! Awesome.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Red Carpet Highs and Lows

As you may know, I pretty much never watch TV. I watch Glee and Gossip Girl (Hi, I am apparently 17) and really awful reality TV like Bridalplasty (WHYYY, KRISTIN, WHYYY?). But for the most part the Magic Box (as my dear departed Todd called it) mostly collects dust in the corner of my bedroom.

I can't resist a good red carpet, though, so I had to tune in to E!'s coverage of the Golden Globes carpet, as well as the (meh) awards show after.

I want Brad and Angelina to be my BFFs, as they are both so freakishly hot and made of 100% awesomesauce. Plus Brad is from Springfield, MO so he is totally my homeboy. Anyway, I love that Angelina's dress is basically pretty simple, her hair was simple, there's no flashy jewelry, but she was totally stunning!

Oh, Natalie Portman. I'm so sorry you had to walk the red carpet in that pink gown my mom sleeps in. I know some people love this, but the gown is hideous, the red lips/clutch/shoes/rose are WAY too matchy-matchy, and the necklace just doesn't go with the look. Epic fail.

I heart you, Ann Hathaway, and this dress is fabulous. Some people who were there in person say that the mesh covering her back looked awful in person, but it photographed great, which totally matters more. Love this!

I like the bubblegummy color of Lea Michele's dress, but it is just trying WAY too hard. She's a young girl, she needs something lighter and more youthful. This reminds me of if a teeny tiny Thumbelina-type got stuck in a giant wad of gum. I like it from the waist up- if it had gone for a more streamlined sihlouette below that, it could have worked, but just... no.

I don't technically know who Olivia Wilde is, but for me she is the epic fashion win of the night. The dress is perfect, the Louboutins hidden beneath add extra awesome, and she knew better than to pile on bling with a dress like that. Epic win.

I don't have words for how much I want to rip that bow off her waist. Most people have complained about the odd blue brooch, but I can't get past the fugly bow. Go away, bow!

Nothing to say about the suit, but Chris Colfer's win/speech was probably my favorite part of the whole show.

Again, nothing to say- I just really, really like looking at him.

Who did you love and hate? Did you find Ricky Gervais amusing or annoying? Did you die laughing when the dude on Chelsea Lately last night accidentally announced that Natalie won for "Best Swan"? 'Cause that was awesome.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #5: Free People (again)

Wow, you guys, I have been so busy the last month or so that I haven't done a "Stuff I totally need Saturday" in ages! I just decided to check out what was new at Free People for January, and I am totally in loooooove with the new stuff! (My Jan catalog hasn't come in the mail yet! Sadness!)

Here is what I am drooling over this week:

Short Sleeve Paisley Floral Border Tunic- $88

Sorry to go all Rachel Zoe on you, but this tunic is *major*. I'm a huge fan of paisley!

Wisteria and Lattice Dress- $128

SO in love with this, even though my boobs would never fit! (And how fabulous does the lovely Jenny Lopez look in that 2nd pic?)

Falling Vine Necklace- $228

Umm, yeah, going to be needing this stat. Sadly can't afford it unless it goes on sale for 95% off, though.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Coquette Red Satin and Lace Bustier

After an entire week of waiting (Priority shipping FAIL!), my beautiful red satin and lace bustier top came from Eden Fantasys today! Sadly, it doesn't fit my boobs AT ALL, so I am going to have to return it. I wanted to list some info for anyone else considering purchasing it, though!

Red satin and lace bustier - Bustier

Although there is no packaging, the bustier does have a tag on it featuring photos of models in the different colors offered, as well as the size and style number. Sewn into the bustier right next to the zipper is a red and black tag with Coquette's logo on one side and the materials (100% polyester), manufacturer location (made in China) and care instructions (Hand Wash). There is also a tiny white tag under this one that says XL.

The inside of the bustier is the matte side of the shiny red satin that you see on the outside. It isn't scratchy, and feels comfortable against the skin, but isn't silky either. There are 7 strips of plastic boning, including one on each side of the laces.

Although you can see and feel the underwires quite firmly from inside the bustier, I could barely even find them when I had it on. The cups of the bustier are lined but not padded, and won't do anything to shape your breasts. The black lace that decorates the top of the cups has a line of elastic running through it to help it conform to your curves. I was surprised by how soft the lace is, it seems like nice quality. The straps are totally adjustable, and I measured them at being 18" long when fully extended, or 10" long when made as short as possible.

The outside of the bustier is gorgeous. Soft black floral print lace covers the shiny red satin, and is accented by the black stripes of the boning. Between the cups is a small black ribbon bow (about an inch long), and dangiing from the center of the bow is a silver metal pair of lips, the Coquette logo. Although actual lace decorates the top of the cups, the rest of the top and bottom of the bustier is trimmed with a sort of black ruffled ribbon instead.

I was surprised to see that the ribbon that laces up the back is basically what you would find at a craft store, I had expected something sturdier. It is pretty- shiny black on one side and matte on the other, but it got pretty creased up just in the half hour or so I spent trying to adjust the fit, so I imagine that it would show a lot of wear over time. However, you could probably replace it pretty easily with any other ribbon you like. Although I didn't measure it, the ribbon is several feet long, which means that you can adjust the size of this bustier to fit a large variety of waists.

Length-wise, this fit me pretty much as depicted in the photo of the model in the product description, which surprised me since I'm so tall- I expected it to fall a lot shorter. I do still wish it was about two inches longer at the bottom, just to avoid feeling like I need to tug it down from time to time.

The only other negative I found besides the boob issues was that the zipper does tend to run off track, it took me several times to get it to zip up the first time.

All of the other reviews I have read really liked this, and I think I would too if it fit up top! Awesome boobs are such a burden sometimes, dude.

EdenFantasys $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

I hinted about this giveaway back in December, so I'm excited that its time has finally come! I have teamed up with EdenFantasys for a $25 gift card to their store!

I am in love with EdenFantasy's line of candles, among many of their other offerings! The one I've been drooling over most recently is the Scent of Scandal candle. The name is cute, as are the scent names (Backstabber, Casting Couch, etc.). They are vegan and cruelty-free, and a portion of the sales go to animal charities!

A scent of scandal - Candle
Another big reason that I love EF is that if you sign up for an account, you can earn points that you can trade in for a gift card. Searching for a product earns you 5 points, adding something to your wishlist gets you 5 points, and rating a review will earn you 2 points. 100 points equals a dollar, and I've found it really easy to earn a dollar's worth of points per day in just a few minutes. They also offer a reviewer program that lets you get FREE products in exchange for writing reviews! When you are on as tight of a budget as I am, these are both a BIG deal!

And now the giveaway! One of you will win a $25 gift card to Eden Fantasys!

The Rules!
1. You must be 18+ to enter
2. All entries must be recieved by 11:59 PM Central Time on 1/20/2011
3. This giveaway is open internationally, but please keep in mind that EF's shipping is $15+ to Canada and $25+ to countries other than US and Canada. (Shipping within the US is $5.95 for orders under $59 and free for orders over that amount.)
4. Please be sure to leave a valid e-mail address on your comment if it isn't displayed on your Blogger profile so I can contact you!
5. Winner will be chosen using and contacted on or around 1/21/2011 and will have 48 hours to reply to the e-mail. If the winner does not reply within 48 hours, they forefit the prize and a new winner will be chosen.

How To Enter: Giveaway Closed

I mentioned back in December that the people who liked this blog on Facebook before the January giveaways were posted would get a bonus entry, so now it pays off if you did! If you are listed here, leave a comment letting me know!

Good luck and happy entering!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ankle Fail- An Epic Tale of Woe


That was BonoCat's contribution to this blog post. He isn't much of a typer, so when he does choose to walk on the keyboard, I feel he does it for a reason. I am pretty sure this is his way of saying that Vertigo is his favorite song.

ANYWAY. I have a lovely story to share today, sadly just a little too late to be a Christmas classic. Instead, it is a story of how my 2011 is not exactly off to a shining start.

In my last post, I mentioned that we are cat-sitting for my sister while she moves. (At least I think I did. If I didn't... we are cat sitting for my sister while she moves!) The kitty in question is awesome because he is the brother of my very own Tallulah Jane, the One Kitten to Rule Them All. We kept him in the guest bedroom, as he is a guest and all.

The first 2 days he was here went fine, but on Tuesday night, he started meeeeooowwwwwing like crazy. He wanted SOMETHING, but we couldn't figure out what. I noticed that he hasn't used his litterbox much, so since he is used to being an outside kitty, I drew the conclusion that he probably really, really wanted to go outside to take care of some stuff, if you know what I mean. So I decided to strap a little leash to his kitty collar and take him outside for a few minutes. At midnight.

This is where the poor decision making happened.

I clipped a leash to his collar (You have a whole collection of random pet products sitting around too, right?) and carried him out the back door onto the deck. I wasn't sure if he would freak out, but he was really excited, and totally ready to go down to the yard. I sat him down and he went straight for the stairs, a little too enthusiastically. I could barely keep up with him!

Until about 3 steps from the bottom, where I stopped keeping up with him, and he pulled me down the stairs.

Just in case you are now thinking that kitty staircase skiing might be an awesome new sport, I should advise you that it is really, really not delightful. But I do applaud your thought process.

So there I am flat on my ass at the bottom of the stairs, crying so loud that the neighbors turned on their lights. I am so not a crier, but a) this hurt like a mofo, and b) I think my body did the whole shock thing, because I was shaking uncontrollably, too. My ankle was OWW.

I sat there sobbing for a few minutes while my mom went in search of an ace bandage, so I could wrap up Mr. Ankle. I was a shaking, sobbing mess. Eventually mom came back down with the bandage, and I slowly, omg-painfully wrapped my ankle up and asked her to try to find the kitty, who took off like a lightning bolt as soon as I went down. I was pretty sure he darted under the storage shed, but she didn't see him, so we tried to figure out how to get me back inside. Mom wanted me to somehow climb BACK up the stairs to her kitchen, cross through the house and then down another set of stairs to my apartment. I pointed out that it would be a whole lot easier if she would just go in and unlock my back door so I could just cross the 100-ish feet from my landing spot to my door.

I ended up using a plastic lawn chair like a walker for the most painful hobble to my door ever while my mom complained that her hair was wet and she was going to catch pneumonia and die. Thanks for the support there, mom. I couldn't figure out why my hippity-hop across the yard on one foot was so HARD. I'm not THAT out of shape, am I? Why was it KILLING my butt? I later figured out ohhhh, yeah, I fell smack on my ass. No wonder it hurts.

After about three years (Happy 2014, everybody!), I made it through the door to my living room and plopped onto the couch, still sobbing. I asked mom to get me some ice while I tried to figure out a way to elevate my foot. I ended up having mom bring me some Tylenol (which I never got around to taking, I hate drugs!), water, a book and my phone so I could call her if I needed something. (She spent most of this time complaining that she was tired and her back hurt. She is SO not good at this!)

I spent the next 3 hours on my couch reading and trying to find a comfortable position. (Hint for future victims of gravity: there are none.)

Around 4am I was so bored and cold (my bedroom stays warmer than my living room, plus I had ice on my ankle.) I decided to try to make my way to bed, and thankfully managed to! And there I stayed for about the next 30 hours straight, except for a couple of so not fun treks to the bathroom.

Bed is AWESOME when you are lounging about by choice, but being stuck there with no way to move blows. I couldn't get up to turn the heat up or down, or put a dvd in, or get food or something to drink, or just to stretch. SO not fun!

This morning I finally managed to hobble around a little, and I was SO HAPPY to be out of bed! Walking still hurts, so I am mostly still staying in bed, but I am delighted to have the ability to move if I really want to!

My sister's cat is still at large. He's been an outdoor cat for his whole life (he's 12), but he has to be cold and hungry and scared! I hate that I can't go out to look for him. I'm hoping he didn't venture far, and will turn up ASAP!

So now that I've spent the first 2 days of the year with the headache of doom, had almost 2 normal days and then spent 2 more immobile, the rest of the year has to be better, right?

Have you had any epic gravity fails lately? Is your year off to a better start than mine?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Family Overload!

The holidays are over at last, and I finally have my house back! Hooray!

The past couple of weeks, Casa Crystal has been stuffed with family. My 2nd oldest sister Mona arrived on the 23rd with her daughter, and stayed until a few days after Christmas. On Christmas day, my youngest sister MaryAnn came over for dinner with her three daughters and son, plus one of her daughter's boyfriend. Her two younger girls (Hannah and Alexandra) stayed here until Jan 2nd. On the same day the girls left, my other-other sister spent the night here. She is in the process of moving and can't keep her cat where she's staying between houses, so he is a temporary resident here. (I am in LOOOOOOVE. Big surprise, I know. He is my Tallulah Jane's brother, so he is pretty much family, too! He has her eyes and same shape of the face, but he's all black. LOVE.)

I'm kind of a hermit and need a lot of time to myself, so a solid two weeks of people here wore me out! I love my family and all, but that many days in a row was TOO MUCH! By New Year's Day I had the craziest headache I've ever had! I felt like someone was shoving an ice pick right above my ear every few seconds. It lasted over a day, so I spent the first couple days of the year in bed!

This is sounding pretty whiny, but we did have some amusing times. My proudest moment is getting my nieces introduced to U2. After the NYE countdown, we decided to play the Crazy Cat Lady board game (more on that in a minute), so I popped in the U2 360 tour dvd for background music. At first the kids were like "Who is that? What's you too?" but then Hannah decided that Larry is HAWT. (Smart kid.) Soon they were asking me to make CDs for them, and wanting to go to Montreal with me. My work here is done.

Have I mentioned the Crazy Cat Lady game yet? My oldest sister sent it for my birthday, and it has been in heavy rotation ever since. The object of the game is to collect the most cats- right up my alley!

These are some of the playing pieces. I'm usually the yellow one.

I almost always land on this spot, "Kitten falls from sky into your pocket." So much like my life!

And continuing the cat lady theme, here is a pic of BonoCat enjoying his Christmas treat of mashed potatoes, gravy and ham: