Saturday, April 30, 2011

Suzanne's Crafts Cat Toy Review & Giveaway!

8 Catnip Cat Toys for 1.25

When you live with 5 cats, you can never have too many cat toys around. Suzanne's Crafts on Etys offers a set of 8 cat toys for just $1.25 plus shipping! At that price, you can stock up and cut down on how frequently you have to dig out toys from under the fridge! Each set includes a mixture of fabric squares stuffed with stuffing and catnip, crocheted balls and crocheted catnip pouches. You can even request colors if you'd like. Suzanne has been selling crafts since 2008, and even grows the catnip that is used in the toys herself!

Two of the toys from my set.

Jasper is becoming a serious catnip addict!

Other items in the shop include crocheted lip balm pouch keychains and crocheted purses with fun cartoon character lining.

Suzanne has generously offered one of my readers a set of 8 cat toys! To enter: Visit Suzanne's Crafts on Etsy and tell me your favorite item! This entry must be done first for any bonus entries to count.

Bonus entries:
*Add Suzanne's Crafts to your favorite stores on Etsy.
*Use "Like" the button on the store's homepage to like the link on Facebook.
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*For 5 bonus entries, blog about the giveaway! (leave 5 comments)
*For 10 bonus entries, make a purchase from Suzanne's Crafts!

All entries must be received by 11:59 PM Central on 5/9/11. A winner will be picked using a random number generator and contacted by e-mail. They have 48 hours to reply, or a new winner will be chosen. Due to shipping, US residents only for this giveaway, please!

Friday, April 29, 2011

FRESCHETTA® Simply Inspired Review & Giveaway!

This post brought to you by FRESCHETTA®. All opinions are 100% mine.


It's pretty rare we turn on the oven around here, but pizza is one thing that actually makes that happen.  Today I got to try out FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ pizza!
Being the total nerd that I am, I looked up the different varieties before I went shopping.  There 8 different kinds available:
*Harvest Supreme, which seems to be a super-veggie version of your regular Supreme pizza
*Classic Bruschetta, with garlic pesto sauce and Roma tomatoes
*Hawaiian Style, with Canadian bacon, bacon and pineapple
*Chicken Bianco, with grilled chicken, black olives, roasted red peppers, Alfredo sauce and spinach
*Farmers Market Veggie, with red onions, zucchini, tomatoes and portablella mushrooms
*Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro, with pepperoni and shitake mushrooms and red peppers
*Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken, with grilled chicken, red onions and barbecue sauce
*Tuscan Farmhouse with mushrooms, red onions and spinach
I had a tough time picking out which flavor to try, because as you probably know if you follow my blog, I'm not a fan of vegetables. I'd say the vast majority of my vegetable intake comes from whatever salsa makers manage to sneak in, or the occasional pieces in soup. Lucky for me, most veggies can just be picked off, with the exception of things like mushrooms and onions, which leave their flavor behind no matter how quickly you remove them!
After narrowing down my list of candidates to Classic Bruschetta, I hit my local grocery store and found that they only carry 3 of the 8 varieties: the Hawaiian, Harvest Supreme and Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro. I decided to go with the pepperoni and just move all of the mushrooms & peppers over to the half I planned to share with my mom, since she's more of a veggie fan.
The packaging is a little different from your standard cardboard box with shrink-wrapped pizza inside.  Instead, you peel back the plastic top, to reveal the pizza inside.  In addition to being a cool, easy to use design, the the Fresch-Taste Seal also cuts back packing materials by 30%, so its good for the environment, too!  Here's what mine looked like:
And here it is after I removed all the veggies from my side and added cheese:
I usually break pizzas in half to bake them, I like that it makes the middle part crispy!  I probably didn't even need to with this one, though, because the thin crust turned out really nice  and crispy!  My half had only the slightest hint of veggie taste, and the pepperoni was awesome.  Mom was in love with her veggie-covered half, and said it was one of the best tasting pizzas she's had in a while.
You can check out Freschetta Simply Inspired's Facebook page for weekly giveaways and a $2 off coupon, or their Twitter page for fun info and giveaways!
And the best part... a giveaway! Freschetta has given me an extra coupon for FRESCHETTA® Simply Inspired and a FRESCHETTA® bamboo cutting board to give away to one of you!
I'm going to make entering a lot more simple than most of my giveaways, since I'm still trying to catch up from my 5 days of no Internet! Thus, one entry per person, just tell me what your favorite pizza toppings are! Entries must be received by 5/3/11 at 11:59pm Central Time!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Back Online!

I have finally been reunited with my glorious, glorious internet!!

Yesterday was a NIGHTMARE, you guys! Mediacom said someone would be out between 8am and 5pm. You'd think they could at least narrow it down to morning or afternoon, but no. So I got up a little after 7, so that if the repair guy happened to come at 8, I'd at least be wearing pants.

I should mention I've been a little stir crazy from no internet, no TV and no phone for almost 5 days. Does anyone remember what we did before the internet existed? How did we live? I ended up reading a lot and watching almost all of Season 2 of Gilmore Girls on DVD.

Know when it really sucks not to have internet, by the way? (If you answered "always!", you are correct, but I'm trying to make a point here.) When you work online! FIVE DAYS of not being able to do ANY work, earn ANY money. Days off are lovely, but not if they are forced upon you. Plus 8 of my article assignments expired during the no net days, since I couldn't get online to extend them. Uggh!

Anyway, I got up early yesterday, dreaming of being reunited with my online life and watching the episode of Glee that I missed thanks to no cable ASAP. I got my usual morning can of Starbucks DoubleShot, sat around, read for a while, etc. By around 10 I was really bored and antsy, so I thought I'd go to the library for a while to kill time. Of course, at 9:59 am (the library opens at 10), it started POURING rain. My windshield wipers are broken, and I had to inch home from the library at about 2 miles an hour when it started storming while I was there a few days ago, so I wasn't about to risk it. So I sat around even more, waiting for SOMETHING to happen. I called Mediacom to confirm that someone WOULD be out today, because if there was going to be some kind of delay, I needed to make some other plans, extend some of my work assignments, and spend some time catching up on e-mails at the library. I called, they said yes, of course, someone will be there before 5. WHEW. There's no way I could stand another ady! Finally around noon the weather cleared, so I left mom on repair guy watch duty, and went to return the 2 books I'd read in the past 2 days.

When I got back, my mom left to go do whatever it is she does. My apartment is downstairs, which means that I can't hear someone knock at the door if I'm down there. Not wanting to miss the repair guy, I grabbed my book and a book of crossword puzzles and set up camp in the upstairs living room. Three. Hours. Passed. Nothing happened. My mom came back around 4, which at least meant that I could go back to my own apartment to wait.

5 pm came, and still no repair guy. Around 5:15, we called called Mediacom, to see what was up. They put us on hold to contact the dispatcher, and we got cut off. Called back. They said they'd try to find out and call us back, since I informed them my cell phone is a pay by the minute plan (OMG, I'm so poor.) and they were costing me a ton of money. They finally called back around 5:30 and said their on call guy would be out sometime that evening.

I was not a happy camper.

If you give me a NINE HOUR WINDOW of 8-5, which means that someone has to sit around the house during that time to make sure the guy gets let into the house, couldn't you at least show up during the NINE HOURS you specify? Plus, if it takes FIVE days after my service goes out to get a repair guy out here, it may be time to hire more repair guys. Just sayin'. (And yes, I told them that I work online when I first called Saturday night, and that I was losing hundreds of dollars. They didn't care.)

After a slight nervous breakdown, I curled up in front of my desktop to work on some reviews I needed to write (at least MS Office still works!). The repair guy finally showed up around 7:15, but took over half an hour getting the internet to work. At one point I had to point out that he may be having problems because the modem wasn't PLUGGED IN. I know he was incredibly exhausted from the crazy week, but dude.

I guess years of working for Disney have done this to me, but I expect good customer service. We got anything but. The repair guy FINALLY got the internet working around 7:45, but couldn't get the router to work, and suggested it may have been effected by the lightning. I spent about 5 minutes on it after he left, and got it to work fine. Bleh. I was so worn out from the stress of the day that I ended up falling asleep at 9:30!

But, the good news after all of this is that I actually have internet again! And TV! And a phone! I can blog and check the weather for impending doom and play on Pinterest and all sorts of things! I am terribly happy about that. But Mediacom can still bite me.

No Net Blues

A storm knocked out my Internet on Sat afternoon, and Mediacom is saying they can't come out to fix it till Weds, so the ol' blog might collect some dust for the next few days. I'm currently stuck at the library where I came to check my mail, because it is now storming like crazy and my windshield wipers don't work.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stuff I Totally Need Saturday #8 PB Teen

I have a confession- I am going on 30, but I am totally in love with Pottery Barn Teen! I'm not a huge fan of the regular Pottery Barn, but their teen store has a sort of laid back, beachy vibe that I love! If only any of it was actually in my price range!

I love these sealife pillows:

Icon Toss Turtle PillowIcon Toss Octopus Pillow

And these inspirational ones:

Inspiration Organic Pillow CoverDare to Dream Organic Pillow Cover

I loooove all of the storage built into this bed:
Beadboard Super Set

And this bed/dresser combo!
Ultimate Dresser Storage Bed Set
Kinda obsessed with the design of this chair:
Loop Chair

This chandelier is soooo me, I love blue and green together!

Capiz Chandelier

Friday, April 22, 2011

Snikiddy Snacks Review & Giveaway!

As I am typing this, I am eating grilled cheese flavored cheese puffs. One word: YUM!

The lovely people at Snikiddy send me this bag of tastyness:

Grilled Cheese Puffs

As sinful as grilled cheese puffs sound, these are actually healthy! They're all natural, gluten & wheat free, have no trans fat or hydrogenated oils and are low in cholesterol and saturated fat! AND they taste good!

While I was eating them, I did that thing you do when you realize you're shoveling a ton of chips into your mouth and checked the nutrition label. The entire bag only has 18 grams of fat! A bag is 4 servings, so for comparison, 4 servings of Doritos have 32 grams of fat! (I'm not picking on Doritos, I just happened to have the bag handy!)

In addition to the grilled cheese puffs, Snikiddy also makes puffs in a Mac n Cheese flavor, and baked fries snacks in flavors like sea salt, ketchup and Southwest cheddar!

Sea Salt Baked Fries

Are you wishing you had your own bag to munch on yet? Oh, fine, you talked me into it! I'll give you some, too!

Snikiddy is offering one of my readers a prize pack that includes THREE bags of Snikiddy snacks, a chip clip and an art kit!

To enter: Visit Snikiddy and tell me which flavor you'd most like to try!

*Really* want to win? Do any or all of these bonus entries! (The main entry above must be completed first!)
*Like Snikiddy on Facebook
*Use Snikiddy's Store Locater and let me know if they are sold anywhere near you!
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Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry for it to count! Giveaway ends on 5/2/2011! The winner will be chosen via random number generator and contacted via e-mail. They have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is open to US residents only!

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with this bag of snacks!

Google leaves me confused

I'm always getting awesome stuff in the mail, so days on which it doesn't come make me sad. Last night, I was wondering if the mail even runs on Good Friday, so I went to Google to find out.

(Embarassing fact: I was especially concerned because I bought Starbucks coupons on eBay and wondered if they'd get here in time for my planned grocery shopping today. Is buying coupons on eBay even legal? Should I not be admitting this? I have now added the fear of becoming one of those extreme couponers to my worries, since I am already set to be a crazy cat lady. But this was several coupons, each for $1 off a 4-pack of Doubleshots, which are like $6 each so... no matter how much I try to justify it, I am still a girl who just bought coupons on eBay.)

Anycrazycouponlady, I started to google "Is mail delivered on Good Friday?", but as soon as I got "is" typed, Google did that suggestion thing it likes to do, which always ends up amusing. Here's what popped up for "Is":

Pretty awesome. But when I added "Is ma" (as in "mail"), I noticed some trends:

a) People are seriously concerned about moonshine, contagious diseases and which celebrities are and are not gay.

b) I kind of want to Google "Is magic real?" to see what comes up.

But dude, SO MANY "is whoever gay?" searches. What makes us so curious about this? I mean, say you have a big ol crush on Matthew Morrison, Matthew Perry and Matt Damon. No matter what your orientation, what are the chances you will really find yourself in a situation where you really need to know which way they swing? Just pretend they like whatever you are, and enjoy. Should you ever actually find yourself trapped in an elevator with all 3, the magic will either happen or it won't.

Now if you'll excuse me, Darren Criss is about to be on the Ellen Show, and I need to prepare for when I am eventually trapped in an elevator with him and Mark Salling.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hazen's Attic Cat Toy Review & Giveaway! (Closed)

Individual Catnip Sac Toy

As you probably know by now, I am a crazy cat lady in training. We have FIVE cats, plus a few strays that love to stop by for food. My two older cats, Tallulah & Tiger Lily are pretty content to just laze about in the sun, but my younger three are balls of energy that want to play all the time! They all have different styles of play- Cricket likes to sit up somewhere high, like on top of my bookcase, and catch toys as you throw them to her. BonoCat plays fetch. Jasper likes to chase things, but will also just pick up his favorite toys and carry them around for a while while growling. Basically, I live in a house of small furry crackheads.

Ellen from Hazen's Attic, a shop on Etsy, was awesome enough to send some of her homemade catnip sac toys for my cats to review! These little squares are filled with organic catnip that she grows herself! (Fun fact- the shop is named after her own cat, Hazen!)

I wasn't 100% sure how excited my cats would be about these. I mean, its just a plain square, right? Well, you know how your cats ignore the super fancy toys you bring home, but love simple things? That's totally the case here!

I let Jasper test a toy first, since he is our resident catniphead, and he went straight for it! For the next 10 minutes, he happily cuddled it, nibbled on it, rolled around on top of it, and judging by how wet it was when I picked it up so he'd take a break, drooled all over it.

BonoCat was my next tester. He's never had a catnip toy, but given how silly he is in general, I figured he'd be all over it and I was right!

I'm thinking we might need to try out the other cat toys from Hazen's Attic! She also makes larger catnip toys that make a crinkly noise, as well as other fun handmade items like drawstring wine bags and fabric decorated cork memo boards!

Ellen told me a little about how she got started making her beautiful wine bags:

"My wine bags began with a random idea popping into my head one day. I have always had an entepreneurial spirit, since painting rocks and making pins to sell at school when I was 8. I was big into making "yo-yos", the little floral fabric gathered flowers you see everywhere on my site, and the first set of Wine Sacs were made with those. I went to several local wine stores, and they started carrying them on consignment. I then came across a cuffed style in a fabric store, and I redesigned the pattern because theirs was way too big and sloppy on the bottle. I have been selling hundreds since then, especially at the Christmas season.

I have a huge fabric stash, so I pull from that, but I love to go fabric shopping for the latest colors and patterns. I love theme fabrics, and it's fun to make a Wine Sac for someone who is a musician, or a dog lover for example. One of my customers has me fill her whole gift list with special theme sacs, so she can give them all a bottle of wine with a special touch...more personalized."

What can you expect to see in the future on Hazen's Attic?
"I am also a purse-nut. I have hundreds of patterns, and an overabundance of ideas that I wish I had the time to execute. My mind is like a non-stop photo gallery of ideas, and sometimes it is even hard to get to sleep at night.
Years ago, I started with a friend making wool-felted knitted bags, and lots of crazy scarves with all of the new novelty yarns. We sold them at craft fairs. I still love knitting and crocheting, but would like to do a line of fabric scarves next. I have new ideas for wine bags, and I hope to add them to the line in the Fall, along with new purses.
In the past, I have been employed as a jewelry designer, with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Since most of the jewelry industry has dried up in the Providence area where I worked, I now only do a bit of freelance in that area. I have loads of jewelry making supplies, so one day, I will be adding jewelry to Hazen's Attic too. So many projects, so little time!"

The best part is she sent me an EXTRA catnip toy to give away to one of my readers!! How cool is that?

Entering is easy! Just check out Hazen's Attic on Etsy and tell me your favorite item! This must be done first for bonus entries to count!

Bonus Entries:
1. Add Hazen's Attic to your favorite shops on Etsy
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6. Blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post, and one to Hazen's Attic for 5 bonus entries! (leave the link and 5 comments!)
7. Make a purchase from Hazen's Attic during the contest period for 10 bonus entries!

Please be sure to leave a separate comment for EACH entry that you do, or it won't count! The giveaway will run until 11:59 PM on May 1. The winner will be chosen by random number generator and contacted by e-mail the next day. They have 48 hours to respond, or a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is open to US and Canada only.

Good luck & happy entering!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Something new to play with!

It has been another online shopping (well, window shopping. Windows XP shopping?) kind of day, and I actually found a site I haven't used before, You can search for something specific like Michael Kors Jacket, and it pulls up a whole big list of them from different online shops. Kinda snazzy!

You can also browse by category. Like if I search for "sundress", it gives me the option to narrow it down by size, style (sleeveless, empire waist, etc.), color, material, brand, etc. Looking at purses, when I saw the category called backpack purse, I instantly pictured those tiny backpacks that were popular in the mid 90s, but they actually have some really cute styles like this:

I'd probably get tangled up in all of those straps, but something like that could be handy for when I'm out in the parks.

The first thing I obviously do on a new site is shoe shop. I found everything from brands I know well like Betsey Johnson, Crocs and Alexander McQueen to ones I've never heard of like Totes boots, Quark and Fly Flot. (That last one is just fun to say! ) The most awesome thing I found was this pair of Alexander McQueen pumps:

I'm usually more into McQueen's more fantastical footwear, but these are both wearable and amaazing!

This post brought to you by your friends at


A few random truths for today.

Humble apologies that I don't have sources for these, they were kind of floating about on my computer.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Target Tuesday #7

Welcome to my 7th Target Tuesday post! No real theme this week, just random things that caught my eye!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Off the Shoulder Dress - Quartz Grey
I'm somewhat offended that they paired it with brown shoes, but I'll get over it. This is one of those dresses that would either look totally amazeballs on me, or seriously terrible. Sadly I can never tell without trying it on!

License Juniors Summer In Florida Tee - Cool Sea
Even though I am not spending this particular summer in Florida, I can still wear this shirt and pretend that I am.

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Short - Heather Grey
Love these! And they're only $10! I can see a lovely summer of laying about doing absolutely nothing while wearing them. Ahh, bliss!

These two bracelets both had silly names like "Black and Silver Bracelet", so I thought I'd just combine them. Excellent accessories for the Rocking and the Rolling. ($12.99 and $14.99)

The last item on my list has serious pros and cons. Just a warning.

Pro: SO CUTE! I love lacy underthings in all forms, if you can't tell by my addiction to buying lingerie from EF. Other pro: $9.99 for 2 pairs? SCORE!

You guys, this is the first time in the history of ever I have ever, ever wished for MORE PHOTOSHOPPING. Why? You know how Target's site does that image zoom thing when you hover your mouse over an image? Well, that happened to me with this, and you can totally see the model's pubic hair stubble through the underwear, including ingrown hair bumps. OMG, who doesn't have the foresight to Photoshop that out???? Or if you're not going to photoshop, at least make sure the model is waxed or something??

YOU OWE ME FOR THERAPY NOW, TARGET! (Feel free to pay me in gift cards.)

Don't forget to stop by Fabulous But Evil for all of the other Target Tuesdays, and link up your own if you do one!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paris Fashion Week Favorites

I've had this post sitting around in my drafts folder since... well, Paris Fashion Week (like 6 weeks ago!). I kept planning to add to it, but yeesh, I might as well go ahead and post already!

Manish Arora Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Some of the looks from Manish Arora's collection feel more Alexander McQueen than this season's McQueen to me.

Zac Posen Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
I love this look that opened the Zac Posen show, even if the rest of the collection didn't blow me away.

Zac Posen Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

I do kind of love this jacket, though. (Also Zac Posen)

John Galliano Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
The whole John Galliano collection is, as you would expect, basically a buffet of awesome, but I'm especially in love with this dress! (Plus Karlie Kloss is one of my favorite models!)

Yohji Yamamoto Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Finally, I just want to say how much I approve of the crazy troll doll hair in Yohji Yamamoto's collection.

It warms my heart... and back!

Heart warmer - Massager
What the heck is that thing? It is my snazzy Heart Warmer from EdenFantasys! You guys, this thing is SO COOL!

When you get it, the heart is filled with squishy gel, but if you pinch that little piece of metal that looks like a penny and bend it back and forth a few times, the gel starts heating up and crystalizing into a solid form. It is so cool to watch, makes me feel like a mad scientist!

Once it is solid, the heart is nice and hot, and you can either use it for massages or just stick it on your back or wherever you're achy and let it work its hot magic. The heat lasts for around an hour. Once it cools back down, you just boil it for about 10 minutes to return it to the liquidy state, and you are good to go again!

I only have one so far (mine is pink!), but I plan to get at least one more so I don't have to boil it every time I want to use it.

In my next order, I plan to order this set, called Hot Love:
Hot love - Sensual kit
They are basically the same thing, just two small ones instead of one large. (The Heart Warmer is $8, the Hot Love set is $9.99.)

Have you ever tried something like this? If so, do you freak out watching it turn solid like I do? Do you think anyone will invent a full body sized one anytime soon so I can stretch out on it and be warm all the time?

Disclosure: I will receive a gift card in exchange for this post, but words and opinions are 100% mine.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

e.l.f. reviews part 2

I posted about the 100 color eyeshadow palette from my latest e.l.f. order, but then never got around to the rest! This post is to cover the miscellaneous odds and ends from my order, and there will be one more post about all of the mineral eyeshadows.

I want to mention that this is NOT a sponsored post, I paid for all of this stuff myself. I just know that I Google reviews like crazy before I order makeup online, so I like to put my feedback out there to help others that are thinking of ordering. Plus I like to hear myself talk. (Type?) (However, if you do work for a makeup company that wants to send me free stuff, I am totally down with that!)
Theraputic Conditioning Lip Balm in Blackberry Creme- $1

I am in love with this! It smells fantastic and is so soft! It does go on a little heavy- it works best if you only apply it to one lip instead of both. Still, this is awesome! I plan to buy the other flavors as well. One question- if it is called blackberry, why does the site list the scent as raspberry? The strawberry, vanilla and orange flavors each smell like their title scent. Weird! This doesn't add any color to your lips, but that's ok. The only negative I can find about this is that if you twist out too much (it works like a chapstick where you twist the base to push more product up), you can't make it go back in. This is probably the thing from my order I've been using the most!

Custom Eyes in Truly Pink- $1
I got this because last time I ordered Wisteria, which looks nice and rosy pink online, but is actually a lilac purple. (Should have known by the name, I guess!) Truly Pink, however, is actually pink- yay! Unfortunately, it isn't very pigmented. Even if I pack it on, my eye looks like I have almost nothing on except the slightest hint of pink. The Wisteria shade I have seems to be much higher quality. So it seems like my quest to find the perfect matte pink continues! Suggestions??

Custom Lips in Guava- $1
I picked this up because the compact has 4 spaces, and I thought it would be convenient to have a lip color in one. My lips turn anything pink SUPER pink, so I looked for something with a brown undertone. I ended up liking it quite a bit. It looks a lot like the picture when it is on your lips, not super bold but dark enough to make your lips pop. It feels super smooth on the lips, almost like a lip gloss. I do wish I had a great lip brush to apply it with, since it is just in the little round tin and the brush that comes with the compact is pretty useless. I do wish it was just a *little* browner and a little less pink, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I will probably try another one of these.

Custom Compact- $1

I'm a big fan of having what I call a "car kit"- a few basic make-up supplies that you keep in the car for those times that you run out of the house with no makeup, and then find yourself somewhere you really wish you looked a little better. (I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me!) This little compact is perfect for that!

Each item that you buy from the "custom" line (eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks) comes in a little round tin. These are metal, and the compact is magnetic, so you just stick em' in and that's that. It seemed a little TOO easy, like they might not stay in, so I opened my compact and gave it a good hearty shake, and one of the three things I had in there fell out. So basically, they're going to stay in there, but not through anything crazy. The good side of that is that you can just pop them out with a fingernail if you want to switch out which colors you have inside.

This is a REALLY nice little compact for a dollar! The mirror is almost the same size as the lid, which is awesome. It even comes with a little applicator, which admittedly isn't great, but it works. Forgive this admittedly awful phone camera pic, I can't find my camera right now but am super determined to finally finish this post tonight!!

That top part is the mirror (reflecting my ugly orange chair, woo!). The top left color is Wisteria, with Truly Pink top right and the Guava lip color bottom right. (bottom left is empty)

It would be awesome if they had thought to put some metal in the applicator so it would stick to the compact, too, instead of falling out when you pick it up to look in the mirror! But seriously, this is a darn good buy for $1. The colors to go inside are $1 each, too, so for $5 you can have a little kit to keep in your car for touch-ups or unplanned outings after work. (I recommend getting a neutral lip color that will go with pretty much anything, a white shadow to use as a highlight color, either a light brown or the Wisteria for your lid, and then something darker for the crease or more dramatic looks.)

Baby Lips
Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper- $1

I have been looking for a great red lipstick for about a decade. I have never found a color that looks good with my skin tone, they either come off pink or brown, never red. I figured a dollar wasn't a bad investment to try yet again. As I kind of expected, this isn't actually red, just pinkish. Observe:

It is an okay color, but I find it totally unuseable because of the taste/scent. It is "vanilla mint", aka a horrible toothpaste-like spearamint. I hate mint, I was just hoping this would be bearable. It doesn't make me gag or anything, but I can't stand to have it on for more than about a minute. If only they made unscented liquid lipsticks, I would try another color.

I'm not totally sure why e.l.f. markets this as a lipstick and not a gloss. It does have more pigment than a gloss, but I still wouldn't really count it as a lipstick. Something about the shape of the applicator also made it really hard for me to get this on nicely, which you can probably tell from the above pic. Overall, this gets a thumbs-down.

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Hypershine Gloss in Black Cherry- $1

Since I love the other glosses so much, I wanted to try this line, too. The Hypershine Glosses have a "cotton candy" scent, instead of the grape vanilla found in the the Lip Shines. As it turns out, this tastes less like cotton candy and more like really old Pepto Bismal. The scent/taste is TERRIBLE. I nearly gagged when I put this on again to take a pic for the blog.

The gloss itself is ok, but not even close to being worth the awful smell. Another thing I wasn't fond of is that the gloss comes up through a brush instead of a regular applicator, which makes it a little trickier to apply. This one is going in the trash. :(

Super Glossy Lip Shine in Iced Latte- $1
I am officially a Super Glossy Lip Shine whore. This is my 3rd one. The only real negative is that they all have the same scent (Grape vanilla). If this actually had a latte scent/flavor, I would be 100% in love. This doesn't give your lips a lot of color, but lots of shine!

Essentials Lipstick in Fantasy- $1
I really like this lipstick. It is soft, easy to apply, and the color is a really nice, simple neutral that gives your lips some color without being too dramatic. It's basically my natural lip color with a little something extra.

(It is showing up a little more orangey on my computer than on my lips. It is actually strangely similar in color to my tongue.)

I love that you really don't even feel this lipstick on your lips, unlike some heavier kinds I've used- it is super comfortable. There is no scent or flavor, which I am totally ok with. I will totally be trying out some more of the lipsticks! This only comes in 6 colors so far, so I am hoping they add more soon!

All Over Color Stick in Toasted and Spotlight -$1
The All Over Color Sticks can be used, as the name says, all over. They can be lipstick, cheek color, eye color, etc. In my last order I got the Pink Lemonade color, and found it made a great blush, but not so great anything else. This time I tried Toasted and Spotlight. Even though I've had these for over a month now, I haven't really used either one.

Spotlight looks almost like my All Over Cover Sticks (like concealers), so I have to check the bottom to make sure I'm grabbing the right thing. On the skin it is a sheer, shimmery ivory. There really isn't enough pigment to it to use as an eye color, but it does make a nice sticky base to put other shadows on top of. The best use for this would be any little areas you want to add some subtle shimmer to.

Toasted, on the other hand, is a nicely pigmented warm bronze-brown. I *love* that you can apply it really sheerly for just a hint of color, but you can also pack it on and get a nice rich coppery bronze. This works surprisingly well as a crease color on your eyes, but I feel like it is too slippery for a lid color. Perfect to use as a light bronzer, though!

Rosy Beige
All Over Cover Stick in Apricot Beige- $1
Not to be confused with the *color* stick, this is a portable little stick concealer/foundation. I already have one in Fair that I use quite a bit, so I wanted to try out a slightly different shade. In my experience, these aren't great as all-over foundation (too greasy feeling), but are great for little spots here and there.

Apricot Beige is just a little bit lighter than Fair, which is the shade I already had, but unless you are looking really closely, they are hard to tell apart

Try not to be jealous of my sophisticated labeling system. That's Apricot Beige under the A, Fair under the F. This is applied directly to my skin from the tube with no blending.

Nail Polish in Mint Cream and Lilac- $1 each

I like these colors, but I'm not in love. I feel like mint and lilac should look really fresh and crisp on the nail, but these are missing something, its like the colors are a little murky.


This is THREE coats of lilac. (Rocking the cameraphone pic again!) It looks more dreary than Springy. I'm not sure what I would call this color, dusty grape, maybe? Certainly not lilac, though.

I'm going to eventually try painting my nails white and THEN layering one of these colors on top to see if that brightens it up a little.

Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Plum Passion and Grassy Green- $1 each

These pencils rock! I already had the black & teal, and these are just as good! They glide on smoothly, and stay on fairly well.

One thing that I like about these is that you can either use them with a neutral eye look for a little pop of color, or to compliment a colorful look.

Here I've paired the plum with pretty much the most neutral eye look ever (brown and white).

The only negative I found is that it went on in a pretty thick line, but I used it without
sharpening it first, so you could probably get a finer line with some work. This liner is super soft and glides on easily, which I love! There is plenty of color and a little shimmer. This would be awesome if you are starting to experiment with color and just want a little accent of color instead of anything too bright.

I like the concept of the built-in cap sharpener, but I find it a little hard to use since there isn't much to get a grip on. I prefer the sharpener that comes with the other e.l.f. liners to this one.

My only complaint is that the pencils don't have the name of the color printed on them anywhere. This makes it easy to mix up my teal and my green, since they look almost identical- I have to hold them next to each other to tell the difference.

WHEW! Post finished, almost 2 months later! Stay tuned for reviews & swatches of the 10 mineral shadows I got!