Friday, January 13, 2012

But Baby It's Cold Outside

I hate winter. I know, some people are like "Snowflakes and hot chocolate and cute scarves and it's all so magical!" That's not me. I pretty much go into hibernation mode, curling up in bed with lots of blankets and the heat on as much as possible. Sometimes I'll pile a cat or two on top for good measure. (I *really* miss Florida!)

One thing I loooooove on those really cold days when it feels like the chill goes all the way to your bones and won't go away is my little Heart Warmer from EdenFantasys.

Heart warmer - Massager

These things are insanely cool. It's a gel-filled heart that's full of MAGIC. There's a little metal disc inside, and when you click it back and forth, through some magical scientific phenomenon (or a tiny invisible wizard, you pick) the gel inside the heart starts heating up and getting hard. (That's what she said.)

Mind blown? I KNOW.  (Why did I say you boil it in a pan?  I meant pot.  Kitchen equipment is confusing.)

These are technically made to use on achy body parts, but when it's frickin' cold outside, it also feels really good just to heat one up and randomly stick it on various parts of your body for a while!

They come in 3 colors (red, purple, and pink) and are only $8! You can reuse them over and over, you just have to boil it to turn it back to the liquidy gel state.

A similar product is the Hot Love set, which is almost the same thing but you get two smaller ones for $9.99.

Hot love - Massager
I have these, too, because I'm way to lazy to boil the heart every single time (WOW that sounds creepy out of context. I'm afraid to check my Google Analytics after this...), so having 3 hot massagers in rotation cuts down the frequency of having to spend time in my kitchen. I need to order more so I can be lazier! Of the two, I like the Heart Warmer more, it seems to get warmer and has a more appealing texture.

They actually remind me a little bit of those movies where you see people with hot water bottles or hot bricks in their bed to warm them. Except clicking a little disc thingy is way more fun than making your chambermaid heat bricks, or so I would assume.

Do you have any sneaky tricks or gadgets for keeping warm in the winter? I'd love to hear suggestions!

Disclaimer: I will receive a gift card as compensation for this post, but all opinions are 100% my own.  

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