Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring 2012 Couture

I can't believe I haven't blogged about the spring couture runway shows yet! I've been super busy, but man... priorities!

Alexis Mabille Spring 2012 Couture
I liked Alexis Mabille's giant flowers on the head thing, because let's face it, I would totally wear one, but I hate the painted faces. I feel like the face + flower distracts too much from the garments, which *should* be the focus, especially at a frickin' couture show.

Armani Privé Spring 2012 Couture

I was mostly let down by Armani Prive. I just have certain expectations when you put "Armani Prive" and "Couture" in the same sentence, and those expectations do not include suits that look like the people of Munchkinland would wear to an office job in the Emerald City. The dress above is my favorite. If you know what's good for you, you'll go to and watch the video of this coming
down the runway.  It's so shimmery and floaty and just.. whoa. Sadly, I liked most of the dresses *less* when I saw them move.

As always, the details are my favorite thing:

What every well-dressed Slytherin will be carrying this season.

Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture
Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture
Christian Dior Spring 2012 Couture
I'm still not used to Bill Gaytten being the designer for Christian Dior, but I knew from the first dress that I'd like this collection. (Sticking your first look on Karlie Kloss is always a good idea, too.) I have a feeling a LOT of these dresses are going to turn up on the red carpet for awards season.  

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture
Elie Saab always makes me happy. (But dude, Arizona Muse looks SO different this season! I think it's something with her eyebrows?) I like this seafoamy color, although it was annoyingly hard to really see the whtie dresses against the runway.

You guys, we have to discuss the fact that Jean Paul Gaultier did Amy Winehouse-inspired couture. It's kinda too soon, and kinda freaking genius.

I want this dress for meeeeeeeeeee!

Any favorites from last week?


The Vox said...

I'm absolutely in love with that Elie Saab dress!! And those Dior dresses look super fluffy and gorgeous!

Shawnya said...

"...well-dressed Slytherin", haha! That Alexis Mabille dress is gorgeous!