Monday, January 30, 2012

Why Netflix Sucks

I just woke up to an email that was all "Ohai! Remember like 5 months ago when you suspended your Netflix account? Well, you picked today to be the day it unsuspends. Have fun!"

Crap. Of course I forgot that I set it to today, I suspended it back in like September! I grumbled a little, because I *really* didn't have the spare $8 right now, but I was just thinking a day or two ago that it would be awesome to have for a month to catch up on a few things I've been wanting to see.

Of course, when I pulled up my account, I discovered that since Netflix sold their souls a few months ago and now streaming and dvds are separate plans, they automatically charged me for the "one dvd and unlimited streaming"... the plan I used to have for $8, which is now $16.


I don't remember the last time I spent $16 on ANYTHING, except like, my plane ticket to Canada back in July.

I'm not kidding.  I'm cheap.  And poor.

If my arm accidentally got cut off, and the doctors were like "Well, we can save the arm, but it is going to cost $16", I would probably have to think about it for a minute.

Okay, so that part is a slight exaggeration, but seriously, $16?? So now I have a whole $5 left in my bank account until I get my commission check in a few days. No, it's cool, Netflix, I didn't need to buy gas or eat or anything this week.  We're cool.

Yes, it's totally my fault that I forgot that my account was supposed to renew today, but dang, Netflix. If someone was on the old $8 plan, don't you think it would be, ya know, THE RIGHT THING TO DO to offer different options when their account comes back?

I tried to forget my newfound brokeness and just enjoy it, but the streaming is SO BAD on my laptop that it took me like 45 minutes to try to watch 10 minutes of The Tudors. It would play fine for like 20 seconds after I refresh, but then it started lagging about every 2-3 seconds, so that the picture was never in tune with the audio. I know my poor lappytop is kinda slow, but I watch Hulu on it all the time and never have problems, so I don't really know what's up. Gonna try from the desktop later, hopefully that will work better, because I now intend to do nothing but watch Netflix for the next 30 days.  Especially since I now can't afford to do anything else!

UPDATE- I just got the reciept from Paypal... with tax it came up to almost $18.

Sad Dawson

Funny Halloween Ecard: If you want to dress up this Halloween as a staggering, half-dead monstrosity that people run from in droves, just go as Netflix.


Sharon said...

That sucks! :( I'm sorry.

Shouldn't they have warned you, though? I mean, they're a company and I know they probably delight in scamming money off of poor people, but seriously. They should have said "oh, your account will be active again in x amount of days." Probably a bit too much to ask for from them, though.

In Canada we only have the streaming option, so thankfully it's only $7.99. But our selection is worse than in the US, due to stupid copyright/legal issues. BAH. Thankfully there's enough good stuff there that makes keeping up my membership worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy your month of movies!

The Vox said...

Wtf?! They should've atleast warned you before charging you.

Yeah, a while back they kept sending emails out every time they changed their minds about how to run their business. And then they don't even give their long term subscribers any free months or anything (that's all I wanted after that b.s. chaos). And on top of that their movie selection kinda got weak.

I couldn't afford it anymore either, so after they sent me like 10 emails they cut me off. I'm okay with that. I like keeping my $8.

Vapid Vixen said...

I feel your pain. Got suckered into it as well. But about these $16 tickets to Canada you speak of...we need to talk. ;)

Thanks for the Comic Book Guy comment. That really made me laugh.

Kathy Schneider said...

Yeah, they definitely should have told you that price had gone up. We actually save a ton of money with netflix though. With Netflix and the internet posting new episodes online regularly, we were able to cancel our cable bill and it really hasn't changed anything about what we watch. We do only have the streaming though which is half the price.

Lillieannen Sorensen said...

Netflix isn't worth a penny. They have zero movies that anyone wants to see, unless you order a dvd.