Thursday, February 09, 2012

Clip clip!

Back in high school, I was a big fan of snipping ideas and photos out of magazines to store away for later use.I still do that on occasion, but now that I'm online so much, I'm way more likely to save photos to my computer, bookmark the link, post them to my blog, or pin them to another idea organizing site. If you like to keep your found online items organized, too, there's a new site called clipix that follows the popular "stick stuff to categorized boards" format that most of us are already a fan of!  Here's a quick, snazzy little explanation:

One thing that Clipix offers that I have noticed is lacking in similar sites is the ability to customize your privacy settings. Super handy if you are making a "possible birthday gifts for sister" clipboard that you don't want your sister to stumble across, or if you just don't want all your friends to know that you totally have a clipboard of wedding ideas, despite the fact you don't even have a significant other. (Come on, we all do this.)  You can set each individual clipboard's settings so that it is visible only to you, only to people on your friends list, or open to everyone. 

My style board is currently set to public- you can tell by the little open lock icon.

Another snazzy feature is that you can share a board with family or friends, so that anyone in the group can add to it. Planning a girls' trip to Vegas? Everyone in your group can add vacation ideas to the board where you can all see them! 

In addition to using it as a visual wishlist (my favorite!) you can also use your clipboards to keep track of recipes you want to try, articles you come across that you want to come back to to read later, books you want to read, places you might want to visit on vacation, just about anything!  To be super organized, you can group the boards by category- for instance, a "Home Decorating" category with boards for the kitchen, bedroom, etc. There's an iPhone app, so I'm hoping they add BlackBerry soon!

Have any other suggestions for how to use this kind of site? I'd love to hear em! And let me know if you sign up, I'd love to check out your boards!

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1 comment:

Sharon said...

I use a different site (Evernote), and it's FABULOUS! No more bookmarking for me (at least in some categories). It's great to have everything stored there. I have categories for fun items I want to buy, recipes, jobs listings that I've applied for, coupons/gift certificates that I need to redeem, and a misc. category. I'm sure I'll add more, as I've only been using this for about a month. :)