Friday, February 03, 2012

More Crazyness at Casa Crystal

So, first of all, THIS happened:

After like 700 years of being pregnant, Ally finally had her kittens!  She picked the guest bedroom under the bed, despite the two super nice birthing boxes I set up for her elsewhere in the house. Ah well, at least it was somewhere safe, and easy to keep the other cats out of!

There are actually 3, but the third is somewhere behind her in this pic.  I've tried not to disturb them much so far, and sticking my big honkin' camera under the bed to snap photos feels too intrusive, so I've only taken a couple so far.  Kitten #3 is more grey than brown, and is stripier than the other two.  They are all SO FREAKING CUTE.

In other kitty news, I took Lula to the vet yesterday for an abscessed tooth. It's so typical of my house that something's wrong with a cat's tooth, so she goes to the vet within a day or two, while I've got cavities out the wazoo and a filling that fell out 4 years ago that still hasn't been replaced.  C'est la vie.  Anyway, while we were there, the vet wanted to run some blood tests and I mentioned I was a little worried she might be diabetic.  Turns out I was right. :(  I have to go back today to get insulin and syringes and low carb kitty food.  The good news is that diabetes in cats can be reversed, so she may only need to be on insulin for a few months.  I REALLY hope so, because it's over $100 for a 3 month supply, plus about another $30 for syringes, and my normal bank account balance is about $4. I'm going to try to get in touch with some companies that make or sell low carb cat food to see if they'll send me some samples for review, since the food the vet suggested is also crazy expensive. (Fellow bloggers, if you have any PR contacts for this, pleeeease hook me up!  Momma's got mouths to feed!)

Not all that much going on in non cat news!  I've been kinda sickly all week, so there's been a lot of curling up with books happening.  But I am going to use this chance to unload some photos from my phone for random blah-blah-blahing!

I got this cup at Target for $1 and I'm in love, I've been using it like every day.  I also got one with owls, which is awesome because their eyes end up reflecting back up at you in the surface of your beverage. So win.

I stopped at my favorite used book store last week! It's a total cluttered mess with many aisles that are mostly too tiny to fit into.  The one above is probably the widest aisle in the store. They are kind of expensive (I paid $3 for one paperback!) so next time I need to go in armed with trade-ins!

My latest Orange Leaf fro-yo creation. It still drives me nuts that their website lists awesome sounding flavors like green tea and honeydew melon, while my local branch has like... vanilla and chocolate. Still, nom.

After procuring my yogurt above, I drove WAYYYYY out to the far, far end of the Branson Landing parking area so I could sit in the car and eat and look at the lake and listen to music in super-duper-quiet and privacy. I'm weird like that.  So of course, about 2 minutes after I got settled in, a group of 4 people ended up standing like 10 feet from my car and conversing LOUDLY for the next 15 minutes or so. So much for peace and quiet.

This is my new boyfriend. We are in love. I can't even tell you guys how obsessed I am with this stuff!  It's especially spectacular when added to the cherry green tea I already drink like crazy.  SO GOOD.

People never seem to believe me when I tell them just how obsessed BonoCat is with boobs.  This is a pretty normal sleeping position for us.

I had this grand idea a few weeks ago to take alllll the books off of allll my bookshelves (I have 3 bookcases) to reorganize and dust and stuff.  Of course I got tired of it about halfway through and I still have books sitting around.  However, Toey decided to help me, so these are some gratuitous pictures of his adorableness.

I'm obsessed with the way he sticks his thumbs out, like he's walking on high heels. I can't tell you how much I hope his new brothers/sisters end up being polydactyl, too!

Are we caught up now?  I think so.  It's 7am and I got one whole hour of sleep. It makes the 3 hours I got the night before sound down right awesome.  Uggggggh.  Send Starbucks, please!


Kathy Schneider said...

Awww, I miss when having kittens in the house.

Sarah said...

omg soooooooooo cute, :D

Mamarazzi said...

aww kitties!!

Trixie said...

Pretty kitties!