Friday, February 03, 2012

My Valentine's Day Picks

Ah, Valentines Day.  The mere mention can inspire terror in the hearts of singles and coupled-up people alike, whether it's from the stress of deciding what to get your significant other, or that familiar anxiety of wondering if you'll end up living with your cats forever.

But have no fear!  I'm here with my infinite wisdom to offer up suggestions for whichever category you fall into, because I'm awesome like that.  And because EdenFantasys gives me gift cards for blogging about them, and dude, I need to buy myself some Valentine's gifts, because my cats STILL haven't figured out how to use the Internet.

Let's start with those "in a relationship" people.

"The Getaway Kit" by Kama Sutra is pretty flippin' awesome, whether you're going away for V-Day or staying home. It comes in a nice quality, discreet zippered pouch, and contains a vanilla-honeysuckle scented candle, a scented, kissable "love dust" powder, a feather tickler, a vanilla flavored body souffle for massages, and a water based lubricant. You also get a pretty glass bottle of Kama Sutra's awesome "Oil of Love", which not only tastes good but warms up when you rub or blow on it!

For my fellow single people, I totally have to recommend my own Valentine's tradition of buying yourself something fun that you wouldn't normally splurge on. Who needs a significant other to spoil you, treat yourself to something you know you'll love!

This is what I'm getting myself this year, the "Celebrate! It's a Slice" bath gel and body creme duo by Cake Beauty.  I little travel-sized bottles of these in a kit a while back, and I am obsessed with this scent!  It's so rare that I find scented products I actually like, so instead of rationing them like I've been doing, I'm giving in and getting the big versions!  I'm going to smell all orange-vanillay for AGES!  Nom.

Do you have any Valentine's plans this year?  If you do the whole "buying yourself presents" thing, too, I totally want to hear about it!

This post is brought to you by EdenFantasys, who gives me lovely gift cards in exchange for posting about them. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Vapid Vixen said...

I LOVE lingerie. I just hate actually wearing it. I have a whole section of my closet filled with the most adorable stuff and the boyfriend (going on 2 years now) has yet to see me in any of it. Maybe I'll try to remedy that this Valentines.

Maybe not.