Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catching Up

After like 2 entire weeks of being sick, I am FINALLY starting to feel human again.  I never realized that being able to go about my day without feeling like I was going to throw up was so frickin' awesome, but it is.  IT IS.

All I really want to do is go lay outside in the sun and read, or something equally chill, but thanks to feeling so awful for the past 8273 years (or 2 weeks, whichever comes first), I am SO behind on everything. I have like fifty million unread emails, a ginormous pile of lingerie and stuff that I'm supposed to review for EdenFantasys, a couple of blog review/giveaways that I was supposed to post like 50 years ago, a pile of laundry you could get lost in, and some seriously funky food in my fridge. Oh, and Google Reader has been at 1000+ unread posts for weeks now, even though I keep trying to catch up.

Getting sick blows, don't do it.

Anyway, if I owe you an email, review, or firstborn child, or you're just generally missing my face since I've been so MIA, consider this my humble apology and know I'm working on it.

Unless I go back to that laying in the sun and reading idea.  That sounded pretty sweet.

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