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Mr. Chewy Review

Now that Tallulah can only eat special diabetic cat food, the amount we're spending on cat food has almost doubled, so I was really excited when a pet food website called Mr. Chewy offered me a gift certificate in exchange for a review!

Just a warning, I ordered a LOT of stuff, so this is long! Settle in and get comfy!

I debated between buying products that I already use and know my cats like or trying some new things that I don't have access to otherwise, and ended up kind of splitting it between the two.  I bought a case of one of the cats favorites foods and their usual litter, and spent the rest on some brands of food I'd never heard of that sounded interesting.  Here's what I ended up getting:

The canned food portion of my order. 

Friskies Ocean Whitefish Tuna canned food:
Friskies Prime Filets with Ocean Whitefish & Tuna in Sauce Canned Cat Food
Most of the cats (everyone but Lula) eat Friskies wet food a lot, so it made sense to stock up! I was sad there wasn't a variety pack available, but I was able to pick up this 24-pack of one of their favorite varieties, so we'll probably just pick up a few cans of their other favorites at the store and mix them into the rotation now and then.

Wellness Complete Health Salmon Meal and Deboned Turkey Recipe Dry Cat Food (Holy cow that's a long name!)

I got a sample bag of Wellness sometime last year, and my cats were obsessed with it. Like, OBSESSED.  This is what happened when I tried to hide the sample bag on my bookshelf:

I've been wanting to get them some more ever since, but given how many cats we have and how quickly we go through cat food, it just hasn't been in the budget. I was so excited to finally get to treat them to another bag!  They have all loved it! We've been serving a mix of this and their regular dry food to help it stretch a little longer.

Tiki Cat King Kamehameha Luau Variety Pack Canned Cat Food:

Confession: I'd never heard of Tiki Cat, but I picked this up based on the cute packaging. I know! Well, ok, it was a combo of the packaging and the fact that they were one of the few brands that offers a variety pack. I really wanted to try out some new brands, but if my cats ended up not liking a certain flavor, I didn't want to be stuck with a bunch of cans. (Then again, in this house, there's almost *always* at least a cat or two that will eat almost anything!) 

I was a little confused, because it's a pack of 12 cans, but the box says "9 Flavor Variety". Now, math isn't my strong point, but... does not compute!  I double checked on the site and found the info- This variety pack contains cans of the following formulas: Hawaiian Grill (2), Lanai Luau (2), Tahitian Grill (2), Bora Bora Luau (1), Makaha Luau (1), Honolulu Luau (1), Molokai Luau (1), Waikiki Luau (1), and Waimea Luau (1).  I'm loving the whole Hawaiian theme, and that totally explained the 12/9 thing, but I still wasn't really sure what the flavors were, so I did some more research.

Product Image
Hawaiian Grill is Ahi tuna. The ingredient list just says tuna, so we'll just have to trust them on the Ahi part! But it's nice to see an actual fish listed instead of "fish product" or something creepily generic. I pulled up Tiki Cat's site and found that their food is made in a human-grade factory with human grade quality ingredients. I was happy to find that their foods are mostly high in protein and low in carbs, which means that even Tallulah might be ok to eat them on occasion, since that's exactly what the doctor ordered! (Gonna double check with him first, though!) I also learned that their fish is all wild caught, and their fishery is a member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, which means they operate under strict environmental practices. Their tuna is International Dolphin Conservation Program certified as dolphin-safe. 

Lanai Luau is tuna in Crab Surimi consumee. Toey volunteered to model this flavor for me:

I love that you can see the actual pieces of crab in there. 

Tahitian Grill is sardine cutlets, and I have to admit I was a little hesitant about this one. I knew my cats would love it, but just looking at the photo of the fish chunks on the website turned my stomach a little. Still, it has to be better quality if it's actually still identifiable as chunks of fish, rather than just an over-processed blob, right?  This wasn't the cats' favorite, but they all ate it. Jasper got a little territorial over his fish chunks, as if they were prey he caught. 

Bora Bora Luau is sardine cutlets in lobster consumee. Is it just me, or is it starting to sound like the cats will be eating way better than I do?

Makaha Luau is mackeral and (yikes!) sardine again. 

Honolulu Luau is tuna on rice with crab surimi. 

Molokai Luau is tuna on rice with calamari. I'm pretty sure this is the first time my cats have ever had calamari!

Waikiki Luau is tuna on rice with tilapia. 
Waimea Luau is tuna on rice with prawns. Toey was nice enough to model this flavor for me, too!

I am kind of curious how they came up with this particular mix for the variety pack. There are way more than 12 Tiki Cat varieties (9 fish, 4 fish on rice, 2 chicken and 2 chicken & fish). Are these just the 9 most popular? All 9 come from either the fish or fish on rice categories; I wish they'd included some of the chicken options, too! (Mr Chewy carries all 17 flavors, though.)

I used Tiki Cat's store locator and found that the closest retail store that sells this brand is 68 miles from me, so I'm extra thankful that I can just order it online!

BFF Tuna and Tilapia Twosome Canned Cat Food
Product Image

If I'd been smart enough to look carefully at the Tiki Cat flavors I was getting *before* I placed my order, I probably would have gone with something other than tuna (omg, more tuna) for my other cat food selection!  All the BFF flavors are tuna-based, though, so c'est la vie! I'll admit that I again fell prey to cute packaging. 

BFF's website wasn't as informative as Tiki Cat's, but I learned they use top quality muscle meats in their foods and that their fish is dolphin and turtle safe.  My cats all LOVED this stuff! I may have to try another variety soon!

Tidy Cats Litter:
Well, I kinda screwed up on this one. I always use Tidy Cats Instant Action cat litter since it's about the only thing that doesn't make me sneeze, so when I decided to get cat litter with my order I clicked to pull up the Tidy Cats products and clicked on the picture that looks like mine. Unfortunately, they had the wrong image up and I totally missed that it said "Non-Clumping", so what I got wasn't at all what I expected.  Lesson learned, pay attention to the words, not just the picture!

(It looks like they have changed the image since I ordered, so hopefully nobody else will have that problem!)

I have to admit, I'm really digging the convenience of ordering cat stuff online. Shipping is free on orders over $49, and it's really nice to get everything delivered to my door instead of having to schlep heavy kitty litter and food around the store, out to the car, and into the house. I ordered on a Friday, and my order shipped Monday and arrived on Thursday! I may order from them again just for the convenience! Next time I'd like to try the Pure Bites freeze dried cat treats (I had them in this order and ended up taking them out in favor of the litter. D'oh!) and some of the Weruva canned food, they have interesting flavors like steak frites, grandma's chicken soup and Polynesian BBQ! Once you figure out which items you like from the site, you can even set up a subscription service where they automatically send them to you at a frequency you choose!

 The only thing I'd change is that I wish I could get Lula's diabetic food there, too! (I found one, Royal Canin diabetic cat food, but it was a dry food and Lu's vet suggested canned since she just had several teeth removed.)

For more info on Mr. Chewy, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure: I was provided with a gift certificate to facilitate my review, but no other compensation was received for this review and all opinions are my own.

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