Saturday, March 17, 2012

New line of Dona products!

As if I didn't already have enough stuff on my EdenFantasys wish lists, there's a whole new line of products that have been super popular that I now feel like I HAVE to try out! The new brand is called Dona, and it includes everything from body lotion to bath products to massage oils and candles to sprays to make your sheets smell good! So far there are 17 different Dona products available at EdenFantasys, each of which comes in a variety of scents! The one tricky thing I've learned from reading reviews of the products is that each variety is named after the aphrodisiac used in it, not necessarily what it actually smells like, so your Acai lotion may not actually smell like acai. Thank goodness there are already a LOT of reviews for these products, with more going up constantly, so you can read a few before you order to figure out which scents you might like and what others thought they smelled like!

Dona lace lingerie wash - Toy cleanser
One thing I'm super excited to order is the lingerie wash! I have a ton of lingerie that is hand wash only, so I'm excited to find something made specifically for that purpose! I am super sensitive to scented laundry products, so I keep putting this in my shopping cart and taking it out, but it's only $9, so if it doesn't work out it's not the end of the world.  If I find I can use it without sneezing, I'll be SO happy! Maybe I'll finally give in and order one in my next order. Goji berry, mangosteen or camu camu?

Dona sensual chromotherapy bath treatment - Bath oil
The one Dona item I have already ordered is the Chromotherapy Bath Treatment.  It's a bath oil based on the idea that being exposed to certain colors can alter your mood. I ordered the Pomegranate scent, which is red, which is supposed to promote positive energy and fight fatigue, both things I can always use more of! I can't help but wonder if bathing in red water is going to be kind of creepy, but I'm still excited to try it out! If I like it, I'll probably order the acai as well, since splashing around in a tub of purple water sounds fun!

You can use discount code SP3 at checkout for 15% off any order, too!

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