Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Decline of Top Model

Oh, guys, I am so disappointed in this season of America's Next Top Model.  This used to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures, but now it's basically become a caricature of itself. The shark has been jumped.

So far, the worst has been the two teams (UK and USA... we'll come back to that in a sec!) making music videos. One of the prizes for the winner this season is to have a song produced. That kind of made sense when they did it on the All Star season, since that season was kind of about being a "star" in general, vs. just modeling. But it makes no sense in the context of a regular season. I don't see Coco Rocha or Lara Stone or Arizona Muse dropping tracks at the recording studio. They're busy modeling their asses off.

Out of that, came this:

I can't even.

It also seems so unfair that while the American girls were picked as normal, the UK girls have all been on UK's Top Model. So you're putting girls with zero experience up against girls who have already done this before.  How is that fair?

I think Tyra has SERIOUSLY lost touch.  This show has become such a joke!

To make things worse, almost none of the girls from this season stand out to me. I probably couldn't name more than 3 or 4 of them.  The only one I really like is Sophie:

I'll probably try watching next season, but if it's equally sucky, I'll have to say goodbye. Thank goodness there's plenty of other terrible TV to fill my guilty pleasure void!

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Ronni said...

I used to LOVE Top Model. But I couldn't do it past a couple of episodes this season. It's just... over. It's a big joke now.