Monday, April 23, 2012

Linky Love

I always mean to share more links of awesome blogs and sites I come across, but I so rarely get around to doing it!  Here's a bit of what's been filling up my laptop's screen lately:

Trouble on Bubble: You know my post where I said Sophie was the only one on this season of Top Model that really stood out to me?  This is her tumblr! She's done several vlogs recapping episodes, which are super fun to watch, and the rest of her tumblr is filled with cute photos of herself, other models, and random lovely things. Also, she is adorable.

Savannah for 91 Days: I came across this blog while looking up some things from the book I've been reading (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). It's the blog of two guys that are traveling the world by spending about 3 months in different cities, and this is the tale of their Savannah adventures. It took place like a year ago, but who cares? (They're currently in Sri Lanka.) I clicked all the way back through the archives so I could start at the beginning, and I was totally sold on it while reading the post about getting ready to leave for Savannah:

Step One: Back the car up into the driveway, so that it’s easier to pack.
Step Two: Call my parents to explain how I smashed their car into a fire hydrant.
Step Three: Duct tape.
That's spectacular and you know it.

Last night on Twitter I said I'd plug the blog of whoever replied first, and my friend Sharon managed to reply in less than 30 seconds, which is an impressive Twitter feat. It was slightly ironic, since I planned to mention her blog anyway, but haha! Less work for me! Sharon blogs over at Sharon's Space, where she mostly talks food, but occasionally mixes things up with some music (she just saw Coldplay!) or other miscellaneous fun. You should go follow her, 'cause I said so, and it's what all the cool kids are doing.

Next, as someone who thinks that "haul" videos are one of the stupidest inventions ever, this glorious spoof from Daily Grace totally killed me. It's just so spot-on. I'm sure you're already subscribed to her, but just in case...

 Finally, if you happen to be a Sims aficionado like I am, you might enjoy these reviews by Lazy Game Reviews. They're both informative and hilarious. I watched all of them in a row, and actually laughed out loud several times.


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