Saturday, April 07, 2012

Stuff I'm Obsessed With (April)

I'm always jealous of those bloggers that do "April Favorites" and such to showcase their favorite items at the moment, because I wish I was organized enough to actually keep up with doing that on a monthly basis!  I thought I'd give it a try with this month's EdenFantasys post, though, because there are a couple of products I've ordered from there recently that I'm super obsessed with and need to rave about!

Simply sensual body oil - Body moisturizer
The first one is this body oil from Classic Erotica's Simply Sensual line. Oddly enough, although Classic Erotica sounds like a company that would make...ya know, erotica... they actually make a whole variety of bath and beauty products like body butters and shaving products! Plus they're all made in the USA and not tested on animals. Anyway, I'd been reading a blog post by a former Bachelorette cast member about her beauty routine, and she mentioned body oil, which got me curious because I'd never used one. I checked out the selection on EF and found a couple of choices, but went with this one because the scent (pomegranate ginger) was the most appealing to me.

If you haven't used a body oil before, here's what's up: As soon as you get out of the bath/shower, before you dry off, you spritz this stuff all over whatever body part you want to super-duper moisturize. I've mostly just been using it on my legs, because summer is a-comin', and I need all the help I can get. I am SO loving the results! Instead of being all bleh, my legs actually look soft and moisturized. EPIC WIN!

Venus body scrub - Scrub
The other product I'm obsessed with is Venus body scrub in Milk. I actually ordered the unscented, but they sent me milk by accident, so while I was waiting for them to send out my replacement (which they did super quickly) I decided to go ahead and try the milk scent.  LOVE IT. I'm sensitive to scented products, but this is a really nice soft scent, and there's something calming about it. Plus, the scrub makes your skin super duper uber soft! It comes in like eleventy billion different scents, and now I want to try a few more, especially the green tea and the mandarin mango!  And maybe the pineapple tangerine. And peach. Oh, whatever, just box them all up and send em to me, EF!

Have you ever tried a body oil?  What are your shower/bath product must-haves?

I will receive a gift card from EdenFantasys in exchange for this post, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

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