Monday, May 07, 2012

Kill the Tooth!

You have to chant the title while imagining this scene:

I just woke up after less than 4 hrs sleep from my frickin' tooth hurting again. I have an almost freakishly high tolerance for pain, but I just plain can NOT deal with this any more, so I have an appointment at 2 to get my bottom wisdom tooth and the tooth next to it pulled. It's really mostly the one next to it that's the problem, but the wisdom tooth needs to go anyway, so I figure while they're already all up in my grill (HA!) they might as well kill two teeth with one stone. (Oww, not literally.)

This stupid tooth has been driving me NUTS lately! It has that sealant on it to keep it from getting cavities, but it still managed to get one down by the gum line.  Since the sealant kept the cavity from breaking through the surface of the tooth much, it instead managed to almost halfway hollow out the inside of my tooth.  This is almost as fun as it sounds. So while there's not much of a visibile cavity outside, inside there's like... the Cave of Wonders.

(Also, oddly mouth related.)
(Actually, I'm a little freaked out how much that reminds me of my tooth. Is there a genie in there??)

I should probably be terrified that I'm going to a dentist I've never been to in like 4 hours to get two body parts ripped out of my face, but my desire to NOT spend another 4 am sucking down pain meds in an attempt to sleep outweighs the nerves for now. (I have to be nearly DEAD to even take one Tylenol, so when I've been taking 2 for like 3 nights in a row... it's bad.)

I'm currently trying to stuff my nauseous belly with food, since I probably won't be able to eat for a few days. The last time I had a wisdom tooth pulled (almost a decade ago, yikes!) I was pretty okay afterwards. I never even took the pain pills they gave me- the healing was nothing compared to the pain before hand. That was a top tooth, though, and this is on bottom (and TWO teeth!), so it may not be so easy-breezy.

I'm thankful I don't have a lot of time to get freaked out.  It's just after 10 now, and I have a chiropractor appointment at 11:15, so pretty much as soon as I finish my soup I need to go get dressed. (Maybe I can have the chiro do some anti-tooth pain acupuncture?)  After that, I need to hit up the grocery store for some liquidy foods to get me through the next couple of days. After that, I should have just about half an hour for good old fashioned panicking.

I actually already have a "Dentist" playlist on my iPod, since I knew doom was impending, so I just need to charge that sucker up and find some ear buds. There are certain things in life you need as much distraction from as possible, and I'm going to guess that getting two teeth popped out is one of those.

OMG, I hope they gas me up.

Speaking of which, I will end this lovely post with the tale of the BEST dentist experience EVER. Something like a billion years ago (or maybe like 10) I had to get a root canal at a super-fancy oral surgeon. Root canals are not generally things you look back on with fondness, but this was AWESOME.  Why? The dentist had these AWESOME glasses that were basically like sunglasses, but you could watch a movie in them. I picked Fellowship of the Ring. Oh my goodness, you guys. If you have never seen Lord of the Rings while high as a kite on laughing gas, you just plain haven't lived. That is basically the most fun I have ever had in my life. I was SO mad that I didn't even make it to the Council of Rivendell before she was finished.  I was like "Do more teeth!  I'm not done here!" Of course, about halfway through the hour ride home, all the pretty pretty drugs started wearing off, and I was suddenly MUCH less thrilled, but while it lasted, it was just amazing.

Feel free to share your crazy dental stories in the comments! I'll need something amusing to read while I sit around with a mouth full of gauze later!

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Amy V said...

You poor thing! I've gotten both my wisdom teeth removed...and yes they 'knocked me out' so to speak because I so cannot handle dental work! It really wasn't that bad. I've also had a root canal and that wasn't bad either! Hey, maybe we both have high tolerance for pain? lol