Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Neutrogena Cleanser Review!

I haven't reviewed any beauty products in forever, so on a whim I just decided to grab the sample of Neutrogena's Visibly Bright face cleanser that came in my free Target beauty bag to try out and report back on!

I didn't really know anything about this cleanser going in, so i was surprised when I opened the little sample bottle and found that it had a gold tint to it! It reminded me a little of my Glow-rious lotion from Cake Beauty, since that has the gold mica in it. Sadly, the comparison ended there, since my lotion smells all yummy and pina colada-y, while this cleanser just smells soapy.  Bleh!

On my fingertip

And spread out a bit on my hand.

The cleanser foamed/lathered a little, which was nice, since it gives you that "it's working!" visual. It's also a lot like (liquid) soap in texture, kind of a thin gel.  That made it easy to use and rinse off, which was nice. I didn't notice any of the gold left behind, so I'm not sure what the premise is there, to be honest. Was my face "visibly bright" after? Not really.  It looked clean and felt soft, but I wouldn't say my skin was glowy or especially bright.

If it weren't for the strong soapy smell (I'm super sensitive to scents!) I would probably use this again on occasion. It gets the job done and I liked how my skin felt after using it, I just wasn't blown away or anything.

Have you tried this yet? (How awesome are Target beauty bag samples??)

(Note- This review isn't sponsored or promoted or anything. I was just in a reviewy mood, and this is what I had handy!)


tara said...

I got this in my beauty bag, but I haven't tried it yet! I was hoping it was really good..

Laura Go said...

I haven't tried this yet, but I used to really like Neutrogena products a lot!

♥ laura
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