Saturday, May 26, 2012

Speaker Solutions?

This post brought to you by Lenovo. All opinions are 100% mine.

You guys know I'm a music nerd, but only recently have I noticed that I'm becoming a serious sound quality nerd, too. When I am listening to music in the car, I have always adjusted the bass and treble on individual songs, but lately I've even been deleting lower quality mp3s from my iPod so I can replace them with better ones. I have a pretty snazzy sound system in my car, so low quality music just isn't ok with me.

My desktop computer has amazing sound (the speaker system is almost bigger than the actual computer!) but holy cow, y'all, the sound from my laptop drives me nuts. I can barely stand to listen to music on it, it's just so bad. My laptop was only like $300, so I can't really blame it, but... yikes.  I have actually debated plugging it into my desktop's awesome speakers, but given that doing so would mean my laptop wouldn't be able to move around anymore, I had to give up on that brilliant idea. Instead, I've been checking out other speakers that might work. 

_38_0_57Y6361_V1.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000 × 1000 pixels).jpg

The Lenovo speaker set above seems like possibility. They provide high quality sound, but plug in via USB, which is pretty handy. Of course, since I spilled milk on my laptop's keyboard like two weeks after I got it, one of my USB slots is already claimed by my plug-in keyboard, so I just wouldn't be able to edit photos and listen to music at the same time. I'm guessing most people don't have my USB slot shortage issues, though! They can also be plugged in to your smartphone or mp3 player, which I like. They would be handy for when I want to listen to my iPod out at the pool without dealing with headphones/earbuds! I think the sort of futuristic design is super cute, too.  I just wish they came in a color other than red; silver or something would be awesome. 

How do you guys deal with not so great sound from laptop speakers? Any suggestions? 

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