Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vacation Mindset

When did I get so bad at having fun?

It's finally starting to feel like summer outside, so I just grabbed a book, a water bottle and my $1 Target sunglasses and stretched out on my lounge chair in the back yard with plans to spend half an hour or so soaking up a few rays and reading a few chapters.

I lasted about 5 minutes before I had a notebook out, making to-do lists.

It made me start wondering just what it is about being on vacation that lets us slip into that mindset where we can happily spend hours in a chair with a book, just relaxing, while at home that's so hard to do (at least for me). Is it just the change of scenery? I finally came to the conclusion that it's just the fact that you really CAN'T be doing anything productive on vacation.  When I kick back in my sun chair at home, all of the things I could be doing are just a few feet away- there's laundry to do and a bathroom to clean and blog posts to write and e-mails to catch up on. And it's just so EASY to put my bookmark back between the pages, go back inside, and do some of those things. If you're away from home, it's a lot harder to just walk back into the house and back to all the should-be-doings.

One thing I really miss about living 2 miles from Disney is that I would often head to one of the resorts on my day off, grab some gelato and park my bootie in a hammock for an hour or so. Yes, I was still less than 10 minutes from home, but just being away from the house helped a lot!

Do you have the same problem I do, or are you actually able to turn your brain off without leaving home?

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