Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bath & Beauty Products- Too Much, Or Not Enough?

While I was soaking my tired self in a bubble bath last night, I did that thing where you simultaneously think "Man, I have way too much bath stuff.  I need to find a better way to organize it all." and "Hey, I totally need more bath stuff."  I told you guys about my addiction to the milk-scented Venus Body Scrub a while back, and although I've acquired a few new scents since then, I'm now totally convinced that my showers/baths just aren't ok until I get the peach scent, too. (#firstworldproblems.)

So while I was trying to figure out how to better arrange all my stuff so that my shower would look less like a beauty supply store exploded, I started thinking about just how much STUFF I have that came from EdenFantasys.  In a kind of weird moment of boredom, I decided to see if I could round up all of the bath and beauty products I've ordered from them.  I knew there was a lot, but it still amused me to lump everything up together- I'm a visual person!

This isn't *everything* I've ordered- I know at least a few things are missing (organization is not my strong point) and I've given several things away either as gifts or because the scents made me sneeze. Still, I think it's a pretty cute little collection.

I'm entirely too lazy to go through every item here, but I will point out the Mary Zilba lip gloss that's front and center, because it's my current favorite thing. If you like nude lips with a little shine, you need to get on that.

I will receive a gift card for this post, but all opinions are my own.

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a viking travels said...

Uhhh, now I'm in a shopping mood- I'ld say: it's strangely never enough! :)
Lovely blog, to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger : I'll be back!