Monday, June 18, 2012

Disappointed by SwimSpot

Well, I'm grumpy.

I'm sure any of you who enter giveaways a lot have seen all of the SwimSpot giveaways on blogs lately. I won one last week and was SUPER excited, because there aren't even words for how much I need a new swimsuit. I have one decent top, but my others are literally from 2001.  When I got an email that I won a $50 gift code to the site, I did the biggest happy dance and spent over 2 hours looking through everything and picking out what I wanted.  I finally settled on a tankini top that was on sale for $46. Their shipping is $8 (kinda absurd), but I liked the top that I picked out enough that I didn't mind paying the $4 difference between my total and my prize.

So I went to check out, put in my code, and got a message that promo codes can not be used on sale items. Wait, what? I totally get not being able to use a coupon code on a sale item, but not being able to use a gift code you won?  That seemed really weird, so I e-mailed SwimSpot. In the mean time, I looked back through the selection to see if there was another top that would work for me, but about 70% of their items are on sale (and thus automatically out), and the tops that aren't on sale are like $100. I have zero intention of paying $50 just to use my prize!

I heard back from them this morning, and the response was "You can use it on any item you want, but we'll have to do it over the phone, and I'll have to charge you full price for it."  Seriously? SwimSpot must be really struggling financially, I've never seen a sponsor of a giveaway be so cheap!

I decided to go through the site again and just find a full price swimsuit bottom that I could use my prize on.  I finally settled on one that was $33.  Put it in the cart to check out, applied my $50 code, and THEN found that my code wouldn't be applied to the $8 shipping. Are you kidding me? I'm using a $50 gift certificate for a $33 item, and you still want me to PAY $8?  Not happening.

I'm so frustrated, and even more than that, I'm hugely disappointed in this company. I wasted hours picking out the perfect item, only to be let down by the company's crappy business practices.

I don't even know what to do with the code now. There's no way I am paying a company with such a lack of customer service $8 for the "honor" of claiming my prize. What a giant disappointment.

What would you do?


Jen said...

You could argue with them that the code voucher does not say that it can't be used towards sale items, and shipping.

Jennifer L said...

I would contact the blogger and see what the terms were set out on their end and what they can do for you. That's not really a win. I don't like doing those kinds of giveaways. Frustrrating for sure!

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