Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shabby Apple Dress Makeover!

I'm about to embark on a pretty crazy crafty/sewing project, and I wanted to show you guys the "before", as well as ask for advice!

Late last year, I won the Pineapple Princess dress from Shabby Apple. I was excited because wooo, free dress! But then I got it and discovered that a) it is nothing like what I expected, and b) I am not a girl who can pull off head-to-toe yellow. (Well, ok, neck-to-knees.)

Here's the dress's official photo:

And here's what it looks like on me in real life:

It's hard to tell from the photo, but it's about an inch or two too big on me pretty much all over.  I ordered the Large, and I usually wear a 10/12. The extra fabric chooses to bunch up around the zipper in the back, so my back looks kinda lumpy.

I can't believe this dress sells for $86! The fabric is paper thin, you would need a serious slip to wear it out of the house. It's pretty well-sewn, other than a few loose threads that never got trimmed, but it just doesn't feel luxurious at all.

At first I thought about breaking it up into a top and a skirt, thinking the yellow would be a little less overwhelming if I could pair it with something else on the other half, but after some inspiration from the blog New Dress A Day, I have decided to dye it! I have ZERO experience dying fabric, so this should be interesting.  I think I'm going to buy a light blue/aqua colored dye, so that it will end up kind of blue-greeny if all goes well.

The rest of the alterations are what I'm still trying to figure out.  I know I want to remove the peplum (I think that's what the ruffle thing is called?), probably shorten the skirt a little, and do something to the sleeves/neckline. I want the end result to be one of those summery dresses that you can just throw on with flip-flops when you're not in the mood to wear anything too involved, but still want to look a little cute.

This is where I need your advice!  What would you do with this?  Should I make it sleeveless?  V-neckline? Boatneck? Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

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