Monday, August 06, 2012

1000 Things That Make Me Happy: Part 6

It's been forever since I've added to my 1000 Things That Make Me Happy list! (The last post was in November! You can see em all here!)  So without further ado, here's #501-!

501. The fact that this is my 700th post on Straight On Till Morning!  WOOT!
(Edit: D'OH! I realized once I posted this that no, this isn't #700. I have such an absurd number of posts in my drafts folder that this is only like the 624th published post. Oh well, let's celebrate whatever number it is!)

502. When my sister makes foooood for me!
503. Making Christmas and Birthday wish lists
504. How freaking good it feels to hold a cold glass against your forehead when you're sick. (Anything cold works, but I used my glass today, so it makes the list!)
505. Mickey & Minnie

506. Getting a bikini bottom on sale for 53 cents at Gap!
507. When my kittens sleep all curled up together in an intertwined heap.
508. Extra crunchy peanut butter
509. The funky little spoons from Orange Leaf.  They're awesome for spreading hummus or Nutella on things, too.
510. The smell of approaching snow.
511. The fact that this exists:

512. Brown butter pecan coffee creamer
513. Coupons that make an item free!
514. Having good morning texts waiting when you wake up.
515. Thrift store bag sales
516. Disney CM Tumblrs & blogs
517. This pillow:


518. Orlando has WaWa now!
519. Spongy green moss
520. The Dapper Dans
521. The smell of wild blueberry coffee brewing in my Keurig
522. Tearjerking Olympic events
523. Betty White
Betty White

524. The paintings in Rapunzel's tower in Tangled
525. Being RT'd or replied to on Twitter by people you admire.
526. Bruce on Family Guy
527. Being cuddled awake by a cat
528. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties
529. Pretty much anything "Ermahgerd"

530. Summer storms
531. Reviews on GoodReads that are almost better than the books themselves.
532. Reaching 500 likes on Facebook!
533. The costumes for New Fantasyland.  I'm seriously tempted to go back to working Attractions just so I can wear that skirt.

534. The way Jasper always does his special little "Bless You" meow after I sneeze.  Politest kitty ever.
535. The New Orleans episode of Hart of Dixie

536. Wearing clothes I made or altered that I know nobody else in the world has.
537. Getting compliments from random strangers
538. Best. Costume. Ever.
Put on "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!" and enjoy your own witty banter with this Mystery Science Theater 3000 costume.

539. When my kitty Ally carries around toy mice while doing that distinct "I caught prey!" meow.
540. Samples in magazines that *aren't* perfume
541. Louise on Bob's Burgers

542. Wearing ribbons/flowers/etc in my hair.
543. Disney movie concept art
544. When Pixar hides a clue to their next movie (and the Pizza planet truck) in every film/
545. Free cat food samples. Y'all can't imagine how much cat food I go through!
546. Merida

547. "Oh, wee lamb."
548. Dreams that put you in a great mood for the day ahead.
549. The previously unaired Klaine "Box Scene" that was released last week online. LOVE! You must YouTube it up if you/re a Kurt/Blaine fan and haven't seen it yet. 
550. Doing this yoga pose

I usually do 100 things per post, but I'm going to cut this one short at 50. More to come, of course!

What's making you happy lately?

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flairshare said...

You have inspired me - I am going to start a 1000 List too! (your picture of Betty White w/the bunny ears pushed me over the edge - Love it!)