Saturday, August 25, 2012

Current August Status and Random Stuff

Wow, there's an attention-grabbing title for a post, eh?

I love the monthly status posts at No Small Dreams, even though I only get around to doing them like three times a year, but I thought I'd do it this month!

Current books: Both of the books I'm reading right now come with amusing anecdotes. The Happy Isles of Oceania by Paul Theroux is yet another of his awesome travel books (probably fairly self explanatory from the title). While in Papua New Guinea, he kept talking about an infamous yam festival, and I kept wondering why it sounded so familiar. I mean, that's a really odd thing to find familiar, right?

After several pages, it FINALLY hit me. You may remember that I used to spend a lot of time at the Adventurers Club, before Disney did the stupidest thing ever and closed it. During one of the shows there in the Treasure Room, the club's curator (Fletcher Hodges) would talk about the yam festival of Papua New Guinea!  Who knew we were actually learning stuff while drinking away the stress of our work days? (Bonus amusing fact: That dude that's in all the Wal-Mart commercials now? Used to work at the Adv Club. LOVE HIM.)

Anyway, the 2nd book I am reading is Before the Knife by Carolyn Slaughter, a memoirs of her childhood growing up in Africa. The amusing thing here is that my friends keep making fun of me for the general non-funness of what I read. It's not like I pick up serious books on purpose, but I read a LOT of nonfiction, so there's not much light and fluffy stuff in the mix. This seemed promising in terms of lightness, though. I mean, growing up in the Kalahari. That should be fun, right? Elephants and zebras and meerkats and stuff? So of course I start reading, and within the first few pages of the prologue is a discussion of her father raping her when she was 6. I FAIL AT LIGHT READING.

Current music: I've been listening to The Farm's debut CD in my car quite a bit! Nick (the adorable fiddle player) worked at Dixie Stampede just before I did, so I vaguely knew him about a billion years ago. He spent the past decade on the road with Kenny Chesney, but now he has his own band! It's pretty awesome to see that happen. Here's their first single, which is one of my fav tracks on the CD:

And yes, you guys, I actually BOUGHT THE CD. Not downloaded MP3s or anything else normal.  Like, I picked up this little box thing and gave a cashier money for it.  How weird is that??

Current guilty pleasure: Three words: Honey Boo Boo.
Current color: Still digging turquoise.
Current drink: I've been really into Odwalla's Vanilla Almondo protein smoothies. 
Current food: I won a box of Probar Fruition bars, and they're so yummy! It's a shame they're so expensive, or I'd buy a bunch more. 
Current favorite show: See aforementioned Honey Boo Boo. It's been added to the lineup when Katie and I watch Toddlers and Tiaras every Wednesday night via IM. Yes, we are exactly what's wrong with America, and we're 100% okay with that. I mean, last week's Toddlers & Tiaras included drag queen judges, a pink hummer limo for 3 year olds, a kid falling off stage and more plastic surgery than the average Real Housewives episode. In other words, amazing.
Current wish list: Huh. Weirdly, *nothing* comes to mind! Oh, I still really need a dSLR. 
Current needs: A frickin' root canal. 
Current triumphs: I got my closet about halfway cleaned out this morning! Not my regular closet, but the weird underground one downstairs that I never use because it gets moldy and gross. A bunch of stuff has been sitting in there untouched for YEARS. and I finally put on my big girl panties and dealt with it.  Well, mostly. But still, serious progress!

Current bane of my existence: Scented stuff. I've spent SO much time trying to de-April Fresh some of the clothes I got at the thrift store sale, because scented laundry detergent makes me sneeze like crazy. On top of that, I was sent some awesome foundation to try out, but... yup, it has fragrance. (WHO PUTS FRAGRANCE IN FOUNDATION?)  Had to give it to my mom. Then I was sent a snazzy new shampoo & conditioner to try... SUPER SCENTED. As in I was sneezing before I even got the UPS box open. Why do you hate people with allergies, health & beauty industry? (and laundry industry?)

Current celebrity crush: I was flipping through the September issue of Vogue when I came across the Belstaff campaign with Ewan McGreggor:

The Belstaff fall 2012 campaign

My obvious reaction (after "Is that Ewan? OMG IT IS" and right before "Does he just never age?") was:


Current indulgence: The 921 pages of the aforementioned September issue. So much pretty!
Current blessing: Cutest. Kittens. Ever.
Current slang: I don't think I've been especially slang-y lately! What are you crazy kids saying these days?
Current outfit: I bought the BEST dress at Ross the other day! It's just a summery turquoise dress with a sort of paisley pattern over most of the midsection, but it's so cute and flattering! It was pretty funny though, as I was in line to check out, the lady at the front of the line commented on how cute it was and asked what part of the store I found it in. Then she LEFT the line to go get one! I was having a little moment of "Ha! I'm such a trendsetter!" when I got to the cashier, but then SHE also commented on how cute it was, and said she may have to go grab one on her lunch break! There is nothing that makes you feel like you made a good outfit buying choice like everyone else freaking out and deciding they must have one, too! Although on the other hand, with all the alterations I've been doing on clothes lately, I've become really fond of having things that NOBODY else has. Still, it's a damn cute dress, and it was only $16!
Current excitement: I'm looking forward to the return of Glee & Hart of Dixie! (Hart doesn't come back till OCTOBER. That's so sad!)
Current mood: Hopeful
Current link: I have been really enjoying two Tumblr blogs lately: Adulting and UnFuck Your Habitat. Adulting is full of tips for those of us who feel like we're just dressing up as adults most of the time. I especially liked this post about packing before a move. The other one, UnFuck Your Habitat, is exactly that. It's awesome, do-able motivation to get your house clean. They post challenges, tips, and reader-submitted before and afters. It might sound dull the way I'm describing it, but it's a really fun read, and has definitely motivated me to get more done!

I've also been enjoying Refashionista, who is kind of similar to my beloved New Dress A Day, in that she refashions thrift store finds. I also came across this post on Mix Mingle Glow where the author celebrated her 38th birthday by doing 38 random acts of kindness.  I LOVE that idea, and it looks (judging by the number of comments) like a lot of other people do, too!

Finally, if you're suffering from Olympics withdrawls, may I suggest Mo Farah Running Away From Things? It's pretty rad.

Don't forget to enter my K-Cups giveaway if you have a Keurig or a friend who has one! I also have a snazzy t-shirt giveaway coming up soooon, as well as a giveaway to celebrate hitting 500 Facebook fans! (Even though I'm now up to like 560. Whatever, I'm slow sometimes.)

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