Friday, August 03, 2012

More resort season fashion!

Yikes! It has taken me forever to get around to more Fashion Week commentary! I've been so busy with other stuff.  Time to catch up!! (Especially since Coco Rocha - or was it Lara Stone?- tweeted last night about there only being 6 weeks till NYFW!  AHH!)

Carolina Herrera Resort 2013
Is it just me, or does this Carolina Herrera dress make it look like the model has chest hair?

Celine Resort 2013
Did Celine intend for this to look like a cow costume? That has to be intentional, right?

Mother of Pearl Resort 2013
My favorite thing about the Mother of Pearl collection is that's review of it begins with the sentence "Don't be put off by the hermaphrodite polar bears."  I'm kinda "meh" on the collection overall, though.  I feel like it's trying a little toooo hard to be quirky.

Rag & Bone Resort 2013

I'm a tiny bit obsessed with this Rag and Bone dress. I love when fabrics and other materials are used in unexpected ways!

Ralph Lauren Resort 2013
I love this look from Ralph Lauren!  There's something kind of 50's about it, maybe even a little bit Barbie. Plus, this shape and proportion would look good on ANY woman!

Roberto Cavalli Resort 2013

I think this Roberto Cavalli collection is so much fun, even though a lot of it isn't my personal style.  I LOVE the bird necklaces. I love how it goes from very light and girly in one look to very solid and tough in the next. I'm not a big fan of the backdrop, they used. I think it takes away from the amazing details of the clothes and accessories.

Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2013
I would loooove to wear this Salvatore Ferragamo dress!

Tibi Resort 2013

Tibi reminds us all that I'm a sucker for a good lobster dress.

Woooooo, I made it through!  6 Weeks till NYFW!

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I like the Roberto Cavalli collection.