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Thrifty Thursday: Bag Sale #2!

Hooray for Thrifty Thursdays! I am excited to write this post, because Tuesday was my second crack at the humane society's thrift store's bag sale! (You can see last month's sale haul here!) Basically, they let you fill either a pastic grocery bag for $3 or a kitchen-sized trash bag for $5! (I originally typed that as "white trash bag", and then realized that sounded really wrong.) All shoes, purses and clothes are fair game!

Last month, I managed to cram my trash bag full of 12 dresses, 10 shirts, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of shorts for a total of 25 things, which came out to 20 cents per item. I decided I'd try to score even more this month. Think I did?

(BTW, I am writing this post up on Wednesday night, and my arm is STILL SORE from carrying that bag of stuff around the store for an hour while I shopped!  I should maybe start lifting weights or something.)

Let's start with dresses, because they are usually my favorite!

(I am being super polite and putting a page break here for you feed reader people, because this post is about 30 miles long! Kindly click "read more" to get to all the awesomeness.)

All three of these remind me a lot of the coral dress that I just altered last month. (See that transformation here!) In fact, the blue one is almost the exact same dress (side buttons and all), except it doesn't have the weird shoulder tabs. I feel like I should come up with something creative to do to at least one of them so I don't end up with a whole army of similar dresses! They'll probably all end up a little above knee-length, but maybe I'll do a different neck on each. Or figure out some kind of fun embellishment. We'll see!

Yes, there's something a little "K-Mart Special" about these two dresses. I know. I'm not totally sure what I want to do with them yet, either. I'm thinking about chopping the purple one in two just below the bust, and attaching the top part to some dark purple fabric that would become the lower part of the dress, and then making the lower portion into a whole separate dress. (Did that even make sense? Ideas like that are super hard to explain!) No ideas for the green one yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something, even if I just do something simple like shortening it.

Dress 1 is already making me really think. It fits me quite well, and has some interesting seaming below the bust that makes that part especially flattering. The problem is that the pattern is pretty loud, especially for there being so MUCH of it. Any ideas on how to tone it down a little?

I grabbed dress 2 because I was drawn to the pattern and fabric. It has an incredibly weird accordian-pleated scarf thing attached at the neck. Again, no idea what I'm doing with this one yet, but I'm sure I'll figure something out!

Dress 3 is one of my favorites. This should be really easy to alter into a more fashionable summer sun dress! I'm actually pretty fond of the buttons along the shoulders, so those will probably stay, but I think I'll go for either a scoop or v-neck, because the super high neckline drives me nuts! I probably won't have to do anything to the skirt length- yay!

Why does this photo remind me of a police lineup? "Do you recognize any of these as the criminal?" Ha!

#1 is a funky-printed shirt-skirt set. The skirt is a little small for me at the waist, but it's long enough that I can just chop off the top few inches (so that it starts where the skirt is a little wider) and put in new elastic. Voila! Bigger skirt. The top is a little bit insane, but I think that if I remove the sleeves and do some creative reshaping, it will be cute. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear these two pieces together, but they would pair well with other basic items. I mostly grabbed this set because I can totally picture myself in a hammock on the beach at the Polynesian sipping a tasty alcoholic beverage out of a pineapple while wearing this kind of islandy print! (Yes, the Polynesian Resort at Disney has AMAZING drinks called Lapu Lapus that they serve in a for-real pineapple. Just don't have more than one unless you want to wake up in Vegas next to Goofy wondering how you got there.) (And yes, I totally buy clothes based on where I could wear them at Disney World. That's just how I roll.)

Yes, #2 is weird, but I saw it last month and kind of regretted not buying it, so I grabbed it this time. I think the crazy-looking factor will drop a bit if I take off the sleeves. I think I'm going to cut a few inches from the bottom to use as a belt and break up the pattern a bit.

#3 is a boring navy blue polo shirt type of dress. Is there anything I even CAN do to it?

The first dress in this pic is basically every dress I ever had as a child between the ages of 2 and 6. I mean, how 80s fabulous IS that?? I have no idea what to do with it, but I had to have it. HAD TO. Who can resist that kind of Aerobics Barbie color palette??

I liked the idea of doing some kind of fun alterations on dress 2 when I grabbed it, but now I'm not so sure. The fabric is heavy and a little bleh, and like the red dress I got last month, it's that funky sheer fabric underneath the top. Still, the color reminds me of Rapunzel, and I like Tangled, so maybe I'll give it a go. Any ideas?

#3 is kind of weird, but I think I like it. It's so shiny white that I think it might be brand new, although I can't imagine that any company still makes this kind of dress. If you mentally remove the sleeves, I think you can see some potential though, right? Maybe? I hope? Kind of?

Would you just look at this hot mess? What was I thinking? WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?

Okay, hear me out. Picture dress 1 without the insane hot pink buttons, and shortened to a little above the knee. Kind of a safari/military thing going on, yes? (I am really curious if this was originally sold with those crazy pink buttons, or of someone did that themselves. Yikes!)

I should call #2 "Thing 2", because I am not sure what it actually IS. It's this big, vaguely dress-like tent of fabric, but the tag says "One size fits all". Whaaaat?  I think it is maybe supposed to be some kind of smock?  Oh well, it's a good color. I'll turn it into something cool.

Dress #3 is the Honey Boo Boo Child of dresses. (I'm a secret Toddlers & Tiaras addict. Shhhh.)

But I digress. What was I saying?  Oh! The dress! Yeah.  I didn't notice the giant stain until it showed up in the photo.  Ohhh, the things a flash reveals!  Then, when I inspected it closer, I found there's also a cigarette burn.  And we won't even discuss that denim top portion. (Side note- I am actually kind of surprised that the thrift store even put this dress out to be sold. Most will discard donated items that have major stains!)

However, the fabric is actually pretty!

I plan to chop it off below the denim, removed the stained parts, and then use it as the skirt part to a tank dress. You can get tank tops at Wal-Mart for like $3, so I'll probably grab a white or blue one to use for the top. Basically, I'm picturing something like the red bandanna dress I made last month. Let's just say I'll be washing this fabric reeeeeeeeeeeeally well before I wear it.

I know it looks lame here, but that black dress on the left is kind of amazing on. It fits me perfectly, and hugs my body's contours in a super flattering way. The problem is that it is SUPER HOT and sweaty. I had some trouble getting the zipper down to get out of it when I tried it on, and I legit thought I might suffocate and die for a minute. I'm trying to decide if I want to do away with the sleeves, since doing so would instantly make it MUCH cooler to wear, but removing them would also take away a lot of its personality. Without sleeves, it would just be a simple little black dress. On the other hand, everyone needs a perfectly-fitted LBD!  Decisions, decisions!

The dress on the right is going to be FUN to do something with. It's super sheer, so I'll need to wear something under it, but I'm thinking it will become a strappy little sun dress. Or maybe just a skirt. 

Last but not least, I give you the Pea Soup collection of dresses!  These are both somewhat less awful-colored in person. The one on the right originally had an ugly jacket thing, but I left it behind in the thrift store. Sorry, whoever has to deal with that, my bag was heavy enough. (I actually left like 3 jackets that went with dresses behind.  Shhhh.  And um, good luck selling those, thrift store.)  As with many of the dresses this month, I have zero idea what I want to do with this. This was actually a weird shopping trip like that; Usually when I'm picking up a dress to alter, I can almost instantly picture what I want to do with it. I picked up 90% of this trip's items with no plans for them whatsoever. 

The dress on the right I'll probably actually keep as-is. It's just a simple jersey dress, but the shape is pretty flattering for my body type. Well, I *might* dye it. Depends on how bored I get between now and next month's sale.

If you're playing the home drinking game, that is 21 dresses, btw!  Are you exhausted yet? You can go grab a cup of coffee or something, I'll wait. 

Ready?  Let's move on!

You might remember that last month I got some white shorts, in hopes of dying them turquoise to create my own version of the super trendy colorful shorts you see everywhere this summer. Smartypants me failed to notice that those shorts were a size 6, though, so I tried again this month.  The tag on these just said Large, but they work! They're a little less flattering in fit than the last ones, especially since they have an uber high waist, but maybe if I wear them under a somewhat long tee, I can pull it off? I hope!

The thing on the right is one of those skirt-over-shorts combos. While I love that idea in theory (since it means you can wear a mini skirt without worrying about flashing the world), the shorts underneath add a LOT of bulk. You would basically do just as well wearing a regular skirt over a regular pair of shorts. Why didn't the designer make the shorts out of thinner fabric?  Grr!  I might try to deconstruct this so that I have a separate skirt and pair of shorts.

My commentary on the shirts I got will be pretty much nonexistant, since I think I'll just keep most of them as-is.  Still, they deserve to be included in my haul post!

I might have to do something to that red shirt on the left, because it has a weird tied knot design thing going on that I'm not a big fan of. Also, the tank on the right has a built-in bra, but it's not one of those evil shelf bras that you usually see in bra tank tops, it's an actual underwire bra. What are the chances that I found this in my exact bra size? Haven't tried it on yet, but if it actually works, there will be a huge celebration.

This top gets to be posted in its own row, because it's the only one getting a MAJOR makeover. I've actually already started it- come back tomorrow to see what happens!  (OMG, the suspense!  The intrigue!)

And finally...

Two purses made it into my bag! Try as I might, I couldn't find any good shoes in my size, but at least I got these!  There's nothing especially special about either, but I'm sure they'll get some use.  The khaki-colored one should be especially good for theme park outings! Both seem to be brand new. Yay!

So, just in case you lost count, that was 21 dresses, 7 tops, 1 pair of shorts, 1 skirt, and 2 bags, for a total of 32 things for $5!  That works out to less than 16 cents per item. SCORE!

Are there any you're actually excited to see the before and after of? Any ideas for the ones I don't have plans for yet? What do you think that mysterious stain on the Honey Boo Boo dress *IS*? (Actually... don't answer that one. I have a feeling ignorance is bliss in this situation.)

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You definitely made a haul. Yeah, I don't want to comment on the stain! You are definitely going to have to get creative!