Wednesday, September 19, 2012

London Fashion Week

It's been a really rough past few days here (I may elaborate later, see Twitter if you're super curious), so it was nice to curl up on the couch this morning with some tea and all of the London Fashion Week shows to browse through! London Fashion Week is such a different creature from New York. Here's what's been happening across the pond the past few days. (And omg, Milan Fashion Week starts today, which I'm super excited for!)

While I'm not really a fan of the color combination (or how it's styled), I really love the basic concept of this Moschino Cheap and Chic dress!

On the other hand, I love the colors in Matthew Williamson's collection. It was like a mix of a sunset, jewel tones, and a Moroccan bazaar. I need this sweater in my life!

Can we discuss the styling at Ashish? I will totally overlook the fact that there is nothing interesting about a plain silver sequin dress if you will EXPLAIN THIS STYLING TO ME.

First of all, I am kind of obsessed with the concept behind this Erdem collection- alien women trying to fit in on earth, but not being able to shake a certain sense of other-ness about them. I love all of the fabrics, the innovative dress shapes, the layering of textures, and how I couldn't resist stopping to really study each look instead of just flipping through then. Still, I had a hard time picking a dress to post here, because while I was obsessed with almost every individual "ingredient" of the collection, there weren't any actual looks that I loved. It's like if you could toss all of the ideas and bits and pieces that made up this collection into a big cocktail shaker and shake them up, and let them come out again in a slightly different mix, it would be perfect.

The horse-obsessed 8 year old in me LOVES this dress by Giles (Giles Deacon, not Rupert Giles.) I am calling it The Horsie Dress.

Loved this final look from the same collection, too! I basically liked the whole collection, except for the fact that it felt more like 3 different ideas smooshed into one show.

This look from Temperly London is so striking! I pinned quite a few outfits from this show to my Sewing Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Yeah, kinda obsessed. I would LOVE if this style of top is next spring's version of the more basic lace & crochet shirts we saw everywhere this year.

A-mazing. (Still Temperly London.)

I'm so excited to start checking out the Milan shows! So many big names there! And then.. PARIS! Squee!

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