Thursday, September 27, 2012

Milan Fashion Week!

Ciao! Come stai? It's Milan Fashion Week post time, y'all! I'm so far behind, and totally chomping at the bit to start looking at the Paris shows!

This dress from Alberta Ferretti makes me think of a mermaid who has just washed up on shore.

I had to zoom in to see that all those shiny things on this dress by No. 21 are soda can tabs and bottle lids! (Right clicking the photo and selecting "open image in new tab" should make it super giant if you want to check it out.)

Somehow, from ALL of the Milan shows, those are the only dresses that felt blogworthy!  That's so weird! Oh well, time to check out the Paris shows!!

1 comment:

Amberr said...

My only wish is that models could eat more and be lauded for curves. Beautiful dresses, however!