Saturday, September 15, 2012

New York Fashion Week - Spring 2013 Ready To Wear - Round 2!

This is what I get for bragging about being all caught up last post! I take a few days off and Fashion Week explodes with more shows than I can possibly keep up with!  Here's round 2 of my highs and lows!  There were some shows in this group that I was really excited for, and as usual, some that came as a surprise.

I liked this Calvin Klein collection a lot more than usual. There was a lot of playfulness with design. - not all of it actually wearable, but fun to look at. (Although gahhh, there were CK ads on the side of the screen while I was looking at this show, and the ads all featured Lara Stone, and she's so frickin' captivating I could barely focus! I want to look like THAT when I grow up.)

This dress combined with that hair though... makes the model look like she just woke up hungover and wrapped the sheet around herself to go get coffee.

And this dress... anything that makes your nipples look THAT creepy is a no.

Okay, enough Calvin Klein.

Oh, good! I was really needing some pea soup green overalls... SAID NO ONE EVER. The 3.1 Phillip Lim show was sooo all over the place. Definite 90s Grunge-era influences. There were a few looks I liked, but mostly... no


I feel like this little hat from the Anna Sui show deserves a mention. I liked this show in general- the pairing of very girly Spring party dresses with funky leggings and harder accessories in particular.

I will never get why models who KNOW they are about to be photographed in super hi-res by a billion photographers never seem to take 30 seconds to shave their frickin' legs.

Carlos Miele's show was super frustrating for me because I feel like it was RIGHT on the edge of hitting on brilliance, but just barely missed.

I can't get over how stunning this Norma Kamali dress is!!

I LOVE the shape of this Rachel Roy top! I need to try making one like this!

Thom Browne's show made me realize that I want seahorse print everything. (See, more sea creatures!) While I wouldn't quite say that I liked his collection (there was a slight "clowns are going to eat me" vibe), it was definitely fun to look at.

London Fashion Week has already begun as I'm typing this. Can't wait to see what's up across the pond!

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matt0701 said...

That is so funny. Scrolling through the pictures, the first thing I noticed was the hairy ankle. Ewwwww.

Love the Black dress with white spots!

Kate Fuller said...

I like the seahorse print.