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Top Model Semi-Live Blogging!

I've watched all 18 seasons of America's Next Top Model, and I just spent a decent chunk of my afternoon catching up on the first 3 episodes of this season, followed by watching the 4th episode tonight. I'm not sure if I'll blog about it any more in the future, but I thought I'd throw out some of my opinions so far! I'd love to hear what those of you who watch it think, too!

This season is the College Edition, which is kind of a weird schtick since the girls on this show are basically always college-aged anyway. I have to say that I HATE this promo shot. It looks more like porn than anything model-related. I totally get the whole "sexy schoolgirl" thing, but this is just.. bleh.

The funny thing is that my favorite girls when I first saw this promo shot are still my favorites several episodes in.

I took notes while I watched, so if you haven't seen all of the episodes so far (including tonight's), beware of spoilers! And beware that this will probably read like a random list of bullet points, 'cause that's how I took notes.

Episode 1

*I had to turn the volume WAY down for most of the first episode because it was so. frickin'. loud. We get that everyone is excited, you REALLY don't need the first 10 minutes to be straight screaming. CALM YO'SELVES. 

*New judges this season. I still love Kelly Cutrone, but I pretty much instantly missed Miss J and Nigel. And nobody is more fun to listen to than Andre Leon Talley. Bring HIM back. I don't have that much to say about the new judges yet, they're just kind of meh. Although the one guy that's Katy Perry's stylist? I would never pick someone responsible for dressing HER as someone I'd go to for opinions about fashion, but surprisingly, I kinda like him so far.

*The first time we really get a look at the girls is when they pair them up to catwalk in bikinis and tiny college t-shirts. It feels like something blatantly stuck in to appease the dudes stuck watching this, or to draw in more male viewers. I'd rather have more time spent on the segment where each girl is interviewed by the judges, since this little walk-off was too brief to give the viewer time to even form much of an opinion, especially with so many girls. 

First impressions of various girls:

*Kristin is definitely one of those girls who will try to rely on being pretty. (Amusingly, I typed that before she talked about getting by on her looks her whole life.)  It will be interesting if she ever shows anything of who she actually is instead of the personality she tries to project.

*Jessie is that "one in every season" awkward-looking girl who casting seems to throw in for the hell of it- the girl you'd never look at and think "Oh, she's a model". They always seem to either totally make the awkward work and just nail it and make it really far, or they just flop from the beginning and never get there. I think she's gonna be in that latter group.

*I like Victoria's look despite their over-painting her as an awkward home schooled girl. She reminds me a wee bit of Lea Michelle, mostly in how she talks about herself. Her relationship with her mom is a little... odd, though.

*I can see Destiny winning.

*I love Brittany. I loved her more when she said she was accepded for the Disney College Program! (Cast Members Unite!) She looks a little like Amanda Bynes.

*I like Leila, I think.

*Laura is super pretty, but I can't tell if I really like her yet. I think she's one that has to figut against looking too sexy. I'd like to see her without the heavy eye makeup.

*Jasmine is straight-up cray cray.  I'm glad she didnt make it in, she was annoying to watch after a few minutes, I cant imagine several episodes.

*Kaci doesn't cut it for me. And she's kinda catty about the other girls. I'm glad the judges didnt bring her in
just because of her story, I think it would have been harder for her to make it into the house and then get cut.

*Nastasia has an interesting look.

*I just don't like Yvonne. Everything I type to explain why comes out sounding super mean, but I guess it doesnt matter since she won't make it...WAIT. HOW did she make the top 13? Are you kidding? I'm guessing they wanted a plus-sized girl in the mix, but gheez.

Episode 2!

*The stereotype bedrooms made me roll my eyes a little. I mean, any college girl must obviously either be sporty, geeky, or super-girly, right?  Like... right? 

*Okay, yeeeeah, Victoria is a little odd. She actually said she never needs a boyfriend because she gets all the relationship love and support she needs from her mom. The way she was sobbing when they told her she only had 5 more minutes on the phone with her mom made it look like there was someone with a gun waiting to kill her mom as soon as she hung up. Yipes. The weird thing is that Victoria's mom sounds fairly normal when they talk on the phone.

*The first challenge was a little lame, just walking across a stage. I loved when Brittany jumped up and spun on the hoop. Girl, you are gonna have a BLAST at Vista Way. I can't believe Yvonne won the challenge. She still just doesn't stand out to me AT ALL.

The photoshoot, posing as a mounted taxedermy-type head, was an interesting twist instead of doing a boring beauty shot. It definitely showed who was strong and who was weak in terms of working their face.

Leila's photo was a pleasant surprise. She reminds me a little of Laura in that she photographs MUCH better than she looks in person.
I really think Nastasia is one of my favorites right now.
*I liked Destiny so much in the first ep, this episode she was sucky and ended up in the bottom 2. Hopefully that will scare her and she'll get it together. And then there's Jessie. I guess I called it in episode 1 when I said I thought she'd flop out at the beginning, because she's the first to go home.

*I like the new scoring with numbers thing for judging, but it got annoying quickly that Rob basically gives whatever score Kelly does. Still, I think it's interesting to do it mathematically instead of just at the whim of the judges, even though they can still basically throw it by giving their favorites an extra high score.

*Leila, Nastasia, Brittany and Laura are my favorites right now.

Episode 3

Ah, I always love the makeover episode. It's interesting that they actually gave them a choice about getting a makeover or not this season. I think it's more about showing a willingness to go with whatever they throw at you than anything else. Only two (Victoria and Maria) elected not to do it. I kinda get why Victoria wouldn't want anything done to her super-duper long hair, but Maria NEEDED new hair, dude. (But then she dropped out of the competition, so who cares? I think Maria is used to everything coming easily, so when she wasn't instantly amazing she quit.) And even though Victoria's super long hair is cool, it would be really hard to work with as an actual working model. 

I think Kelly Cutrone summed up every person who has ever not wanted to get a makeover- "You are really committed to defending mediocrity."

Kristin's new hair made me realize she looks a little like Jaime King. It's a shame she has such a crappy personality, she's kind of pretty.

OMG WHAT DID THEY DO TO BRITTANY. She's the only one who looks WAY worse.
Some people seem to love her new hair, but I think she was WAY better as a brunette. Either way, she looks a LOT like Amanda Bynes.

I loved Laura before, and still love her blonde. I still really wish she would tone down the heavy eye makeup, though!

Leila has almost a little air of Coco Rocha to her face.

At first I was really impressed that most of the girls seemed super-comfortable with their bodies for this "nude" photo shoot, but then I saw this pic on the Top Model Facebook...
Photo: America's Next Top Model

America's Next Top Model -- "The Girl Who Wants Out"
pictured left to right: Rob Evans, Kristin and Tony Duran
Cycle 19
Photo: Chris Frawley/The CW
©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved ©2012 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Mega-pasties! (They were also wearing underwear). I think it's funny that even with all of that on, they STILL blurred things out on TV. 

Whatshername from Louisiana gets eliminated this week. I don't think I ever even wrote anything about her. 

Episode 4

Tonight's episode starts with drama about Kristin being bitchy. That means that she's either going home this week, or she's gonna have some kind of breakdown. Let's see what happens! (I feel the need to mention that I always seem to eat junk food while watching Top Model. Tonight it's milk & cookies.)

For this week's challenge, Tyler Perry shows up to put the girls through an acting challenge where they're asked to be over-the-top. Like most of the challenges, this one is obviously about totally committing to the task, whether it's something you're good at or not. 

They send the girls out on the street in character. And then my CW cut out and I missed most of what happened next. Apparently some dude throws fried chicken at Victoria, which I think we've all wanted to do at least once by now.

I still don't like Yvonne, but her improv was actually pretty good. 

Tonight's photo shoot was a zombie theme. I personally think that zombies are waaaaay over-done, but c'est la vie. (Or le mort, I guess.)

Photo: The Fashion-Zombie Apocalypse is upon us! New ANTM w/ guest Tyler Perry Fri. 9/14 at 8/7c on The CW. It's gonna get SCARY-FIERCE!

From this picture alone, Laura is KILLING it. (No pun intended.)  I feel like this shoot is kind of horrible timing... it's zombie photos around a plane wreck (War of the Worlds set at Universal), and it's airing a few days after 9/11. 

I feel bad for Destiny. She's naturally pretty and she REALLY wants it, but she's one of those people who just doesn't seem to be able to make what she's imagining actually come out of her body. She ends up in the bottom 2 with Yvonne (who is bottom two 2nd week in a row), and yet Yvonne stays again. DUMP HER ALREADY. Just sayin. 

Leila, Laura, Brittany and Nastasia continue to be awesome. (I found Twitter links for everyone but Brittany!) Fingers crossed for them! As for top 2... maybe Leila and Brittany?

It's kind of weird that ALL of the photo shoot photos are already up on Facebook. Since they took the public's opinions into consideration this time, they had to, but it's weird to be able to see every episode laid out like that. I'm torn between looking ahead to see what's coming up and staying totally unspoiled. (They shot every girl for every shoot, so looking ahead won't tell you who gets eliminated.) I actually really like that they have the eliminated girls in there, since so many girls get voted off and say "I wish I had a chance to show more..."  It's interesting to be able to see if the voted off girls ever get better, or if it's good that they went when they did.

Okay, I haven't blogged about TV in FOREVER, and this was kind of fun. I might have to do next week's episode, too!

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