Monday, October 15, 2012

Bag sales, talkative strangers, and pumpkin pie vodka

It's been forever since I've written a regular "Here's what's up lately" type of blog post! I really need to catch up a bit!

I'm one of those weird people that loves Mondays. I'm coming off of a weekend that felt about three years long, though! I was super excited for Saturday because there were huge yard sales at both a nearby church and my town's senior center. I knew the church was doing a bag sale, and you guys know those are like crack to me! I got up at like 7:45 so I could be there when they opened at 8. That meant I was running on about 3 hours of sleep, but I'm certainly used to that!

I ended up with one SUPER overstuffed paper bag of clothes and books. I thought about going for 2, but my arms were so tired from carrying it all around that they were shaking, so I decided to give in at one. I got a few GREAT clothing articles that I can't wait to work with!

There was one hilarious moment when I was browsing through a rack of dresses when I overheard the two older ladies next to me talking, and one went off on a rant about how there should be a law against women wearing "those dumpy long denim skirts" to church, because it was so unfeminine and just plain horrible. Given that I was standing next to them in jeans, a grey sweatshirt and totally looking like I got the 3 hours of sleep that I got, I couldn't help but smile a little.

Something funny always seems to happen at this kind of sale- women try to dress me. It happens a lot at the thrift store bag sale I go to the beginning of each month.  They'll hold up something random and remark about how great it would be for me. I usually say something like "Oh, yeah, that is really nice!" and then just keep doing what I was doing. This sale totally stepped it up a notch when the lady a few feet away looked over at me and asked "Hey, what size are you?" She was totally bummed when I told her I was a 10, because she was holding a pantsuit that was a 16 that would have been just perfect for me. (insert eye roll here).  I don't know why I find it so hilarious when total strangers start picking out clothes for me, but it cracks me up! And I think there's something especially charming (I don't even mean that sarcastically, it actually does amuse me) about a total stranger asking what size I am. People are odd.

After plopping my now tearing apart bag in the trunk of my car with shaking arms, I cursed my decision not to bring my morning coffee with me as I drove to the second sale of the day. Could someone please start reminding me that these sales are exhausting, especially since I'm usually running on little sleep, and remind me to take a drink? I thought about running home to coffee up (I live less than 5 min away from where the sales were), but I figured I'd survive, so it was off to the senior center.

I hit the clothing room there first thing, as you can expect. There were a few interesting things, but I wasn't sure if I would end up buying anything. As I walked in a man had informed me that everything was now half off, but as I was perusing the racks I heard the two ladies working in that room mention that they were going to give up on individual prices and switch to a bag sale in about an hour. That obviously caught my interest, so I asked them if they knew how much the bags would be. They didn't, so one of them went to ask. She came back and reported that it was $1 a bag, and that as long as I kept it quiet, I could go ahead and stuff a bag now. WOOT! Don't mind if I do! All of the clothes I'd been iffy on a few minutes before now started getting stuffed into my little grocery bag! I couldn't help but laugh when a couple of minutes later one of the men in charge came over the loudspeaker and announced they were now starting the bag sale. I'm such a trend setter!

After stuffing a bag with clothes, I went to check out the main room, and ended up with a whole bag of books. Holy cow did I score there, you guys!! Among other things, I found a hardback of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which made me SUPER happy because I loaned a friend my copy the day after it was released, and I still haven't gotten it back, so my bookshelf has felt wrong with it missing all these years! I also found several of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, which I love, plus a few random other books.

While I was picking through the books, I heard a voice ask "Are you still shopping for books??" I glanced up and saw a man that I remembered from the first sale. (It's hard to forget a guy with a curly handlebar moustache.) I'm not sure what's so odd about book shopping that it called for comment, but at least he didn't ask what my dress size is, I guess?

There was a big coffee machine with accessories set up, which nearly killed me because I was dying for coffee at this point! There was no way I could carry coffee in addition to my two bags, though, so I just kept gazing at it lovingly. The weird thing was that in a bowl of ice containing several flavored coffee creamers, there were also two bottles of Bolthouse mocha flavored protein smoothies. I love those things, but I can't imagine putting it in my coffee! Did whoever put them there think it was some kind of creamer? Or were they for sale separately? It's a mystery.

Speaking of weird things to put in drinks, I recently discovered this at my grocery store:

This exists, you guys. It exists. The world is a freakin' magical place.

I want to try this SO MUCH, but I'm hesitant to spend like $12 on a bottle of something I'm not sure I'll like (and lets face it, will probably only amuse me for about a month before I get sick of it). Still, I think the world is a little brighter just because it exists. I really wish grocery stores carried little shot-sized bottles of all the Pinnacle flavors, because there are at least a dozen I'm dying to try (cookie dough vodka, y'all!) but am way too cheap to actually buy a bottle of.

So, as I was searching for the above vodka photo, I found THIS:

Fo' real, Pringles? I am excited! I hate mint, so the peppermint ones don't do it for me, but the cinnamon sugar actually sound pretty rad. The pumpkin spice will either be amazing or incredibly gross. Either way, I can't wait to try them! I really wish I was the kind of person who went to holiday parties, so I could show up, drop a can of Pringles on the kitchen table and be like "I brought pie, bitches!" Tis the season.

And since we're on this weird seasonal food topic, I have been talking about these on Twitter, but I haven't blogged about them yet:

I've checked 3 grocery stores so far, and I can't find them yet! I'm going nuts! You know these have to be amazing!  There are also limited edition gingerbread, sugar cookie, and marshmallow hot chocolate flavors. I need these in my life!  I mean, seriously. Think about how good brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts are. Pumpkin Pie has to be at least that awesome, right?

Oh, but back to the story I started with... Between the 2 sales I ended up with 27 articles of clothing and 23 books! Since I spent a total of $4, it works out to 8 cents per item!  SCORE. I haven't been doing haul posts from my trips since they never got many comments, but I'll post about the dresses as I alter them!

What's new with you guys?

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