Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Clothing Explosion!

Thanks to so many awesome thrift store sales and yard sales over the past few months, my pile of clothes to alter has gotten HUGE. Actually, it isn't even a pile so much as a bunch of small piles of clothes ALL over the house! There's a big pile of new things in the kitchen that are still in the phase where I hang them out in the sun for several hours each day to get rid of the detergent smell (I'm super allergic to fragrance!), there's a pile that's been aired out but now needs washed, there's a big box of dresses I've started but not finished, and a whole dresser drawer of dresses I haven't even started! Then there are the piles/boxes/blobs of shirts and skirts I've bought to use as parts of future creations, but haven't yet needed.

Basically, things are getting a little crazy up in here.

What it's starting to feel like. 

So here's the deal! The thrift store's bag sale is on the first Tuesday of each month, which means I currently have exactly 20 days until the next one. I've decided that I have to finish 5 dresses before then, or I can not go. Given that this monthly treasure hunt through clothing racks is currently one of the highlights of my "crap, I'm stuck living in a small town right now" life, this is pretty hardcore motivation! And 5 dresses in 20 days is totally do-able! I've just gotten so bad about starting sewing projects and not finishing them, I need this motivation to really get some done! If I'm doing especially well, I'll blog about all 5 before then, too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Pam said...

That is a lot of clothes. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Do you really wear all of those? LOL

Look forward to seeing your post about those five sewing projects!