Friday, October 19, 2012

Top Model!

I haven't blogged about Top Model in a while, so I thought I'd share my thoughts about tonight's episode! (Stay away if you haven't watched yet and want to stay spoiler-free!)

It's go-see week, so the girls go out to several different designers to try to book a job. I was impressed that there were well-known designers this season, it's usually brands that few people have heard of.

The photo shoot this week was at a prison for "fashion mug shots". I have to say, I don't love the photos. There have been so many amazing photo shoots on this show, this just feels so plain in comparison.

Victoria started out so strong, but her last few photos hve been sucky. I still can't figure out if she's really as crazy as they portray her, or of she's just acting to get more screen time. Either way, this photo isn't great. I feel like she needs to be doing community theatre instead of modeling. I think that part of the problem is that she tends to come up with a character to portray for the shoot, but it doesn't always match the vibe the photographer wants.

Nastasia is still among my favorites, just not at the very top of the favorites pack. The angle here makes her legs look super uneven, like one is twice the size of the other. Not loving this shot, either.

Yay, finally a shot I like! Quirky face, but Laura still looks good. She looked great while they were shooting, I'd guess there were several great photos.

Kristin looks pretty, but she's still just relying on being pretty instead of really working it. She totally looks like Jaime King here, though!

When I was pulling up photos for this post before the ep came on, I couldn't remember whether Kiara was still in or not. BAD sign! This photo kinda blows. She did pretty well at the go-sees, though.

I can't believe she got eliminated. I still love Britany, I'd love to see her come back win this thing! Except then she couldn't go do the Disney College Program like she has planned, and that would be sad for everyone. I felt so bad for her not booking any of the go-sees. The judges didn't like this photo much at all, but I do!

Next week they're bringing back one of the eliminated girls and heading to Jamaica. All this time I've been wanting Leila to come back, but Britany getting eliminated kinda threw a wrench into that!

They just announced that next season will have both male and female contestants. I have to admit I'm curious to see how that goes!

Do you watch ANTM? Who do you want to come back?

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Vapid Vixen said...

I used to be addicted to this show. Not sure why I don't watch anymore. Love Laura's photo the best.