Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bath & Body Works Fall Mini Candle Jars Are Taking Over My House!

I have been kind of obsessed with the mini candles from Bath and Body Works lately, so I thought I'd give you guys a peek at the ones I've bought and what I thought of them!

I was in a pretty bad mood yesterday, so I decided to go use the coupon I had for a free mini candle with any purchase. My Bath and Body Works (They tend to abbreviate themselves as "BBW", but I just can't type that without laughing.) has the minis on sale for 2 for $5, so my plan was to buy two and use my coupon to get a 3rd free, which made it like $1.67 each. Score!

The Toffee Crunch was the first one I picked up. This is my new 2nd favorite! Love at first sniff! To me it smells a lot like caramel, a total sugary sweet overload. The scent on this one is super strong- even like 20 minutes after I blew it out, the smell was still as strong as if it was still burning! It is described as "A merry medley of crunchy toasty English toffee, salted pretzels and decadent caramel drizzle combine to create a mouthwatering scent. " I don't smell the salted pretzel at all. I'll be using this one sparingly since the scent is sooo strong, but I do really like it!

I talked about this candle in my Falling for Fall vlog. This is my absolute favorite! I think it smells a little too sweet to be baguette scented, I'd call it more of a vanilla scone or something. Still, whatever you call it (A baguette candle by any other name would smell as sweet!) it is totally my kind of scent. It's sweet but not TOO strong. It gives the room a nice smell without being too obvious. I've used the one that I showed in that vlog so much that I picked up a 2nd one yesterday!

According to the official description, it is "A classic Italian cocktail with a twist mixes bubbly white peach, tart blackcurrant, jasmine and a splash of juicy orange."   This is the candle that I'm kind of on the fence about. Just sniffing the unlit candle, it smells amazing. Definitely fruity, I can smell the orange and peach, and it does have that certain alcohol scent to it, too. However, I don't like the scent as much when it is actually burning. It takes on a kind of perfumey quality, and the scent is just way too strong for me. I probably won't end up using this one very much.

Farmstand Apple wasn't on the BBW (ha!) site right now, so I snapped this super high quality pic with my phone. This is my 3rd favorite. It's a very crisp apple scent. I like that it smells like actual apples, rather than a fake apple scent. The label claims it also has notes of pear blossom and oak, but to me it smells like pure apple.

This is the scent I got in my Influenster box, and so far it is the only one that I really do not like. It does smell like black pepper, but that's not an appealing scent to me at all. This one also makes me sneeze like crazy! It has pretty mixed reviews; This seems to be a love it or hate it type of scent.

If you're a Bath and Body Works fan, which scents are your favorites? If you use other candles, what is burning at your house these days?

Note- This is NOT a sponsored post. I got one of the candles free in my Influenster box, and another free via a coupon, but the rest were paid for like the peasant I am.

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BostonPrincess said...

I love Peach Bellini, but I just have not purchased it yet. I also have a mini of the Black Pepper and I actually love it so much I went and bought a full-size. I think it smells really masculine when lit, almost like a cologne. Love the other candles definitely will have to look into your suggestions!