Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pre/Post Holiday De-Stressing Fun!

If you are are reading this, I guess it's safe to say you survived being around your crazy family for Thanksgiving and crazy bargain hunters during Black Friday. If you're like me, you're out of the food coma, but not quite ready to dive into decking the halls or jingling bells yet. Thus, I present a few excellent time-wasters to help you sit around and procrastinate on ye olde internets, instead!

Were there any culinary disasters at your Thanksgiving dinner? (If so, I totally want to hear about 'em in the comments!) Perhaps checking out these Weight Watchers Cards from 1974 will make you feel a little better.

mmm, pudding

so... confused...
"Sometimes salmon will come to the big city full of dreams. Only to wind up used, and mangled, and reconstituted, and all tarted up in some kind of sick, horrifying salmon drag.

Look, it's still trying to spawn. With lemons. It's confused. Oh, man, so sad."

Pug attacking shampoo bottles on a bathtub. - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

Maybe now people will believe me when I say the house was TOTALLY clean 5 minutes ago and blame the cats. Check out Animals Being Dicks for more awesomeness. I'm especially fond of this one, because this happens at my house on an almost daily basis:

Cat stuffs another cat into a box - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

This site is oddly soothing. Just trust me. Also, this exists.

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BostonPrincess said...

Thanks for the site reccomendation. Hope your holiday was a good one!

Boston Princess