Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My cats have a pretty tough life. Just after I posted a review of the cat food from Chewy.com that they got to try out last month, I got an email asking if they would also like to check out some some treats by Felidae, a natural, holistic cat food company. After a long day of laying in the sun, playing with toy mice, and giving themselves two hour baths, they're now expected to eat treats, too? Being a cat is so hard!

Felidae TidNips Chicken & Rice Cat Treats


These have been a big hit so far! They're a bit larger than your average treat, so I usually break them in half, especially for the kittens. However, their length does come in handy if you want to try to convince your cat to be adorable and stand on his hind legs to get it! (My cats refuse to do this, btw. Bear took one look at my outstretched hand, raised up a couple of inches, and smacked me with his paw as if to say "This is not happening. Act right!"

Extreme Treat Close-up!

They are pretty soft, kind of the consistency of a protein/nutrition bar for people. (The only comparison I could think of!) This is handy in my house because my oldest kitty, Tallulah Jane, had to have several teeth pulled earlier this year, so chewing anything too crunchy can be tough for her. 

Jasper volunteered to be the designated "Hey, Cat! Let me take your picture for my blog!" cat this time around:

Will pose for treats.

They're made with Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your cats healthy while they snack! I'm lucky that my cats are still so fascinated by watching my computer mouse move that they haven't noticed that they could just click stuff and get many more bags of these to show up!

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