Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Year Clean-Up

I've mentioned this in some of my vlogs, but not so much on my blog yet- When the end of the year rolls around, I like to do a little "housekeeping", for lack of a better word. Partially in the actual decluttering around the house sense, but really more focused on where I spend most of my time- on the ol' computer.

Here's my list of things to go through!

*Empty e-mail inboxes (probably the hardest thing for me!)
*Go through the blogs I follow in GFC/Google Reader and see if I can unfollow any. If I'm away from my computer for a couple of days, it is totally normal for there to be 1000+ unread posts waiting in Reader, since I follow 265 blogs. I've done a pretty good job of puring this throughout the year, but there are probably a few more I could eliminate.
*YouTube subscriptions. I know there are a couple of people I subscribed to years ago whose videos I never watch.
*I keep a file of random notes in a (suuuuper high tech) notepad file, and it's gotten pretty crowded. I tend to paste urls I want to come back to, ideas for blog posts, random info, you name it.
*My bookmarks folder could definitely use some attention, especially the "blogs to revisit" sub-folder, where I stuck a few of the blogs I unfollowed on GFC so I could check them out again in the future and see if I wanted to resubscribe. (It's also where I bookmark blogs that I like, but not enough to read on a regular basis.)
*Twitter. I only follow around 280 people, but I'm sure there are a handfull I wouldn't miss if I removed them. (I scrolled through my list right after typing this and unfollowed 18 people super easily!)
*My drafts folder on Blogger currently has 90 partially written but as yet unpublished posts sitting in it. The oldest one is from May of 2009. It's probably time to go through and finish up the ones that are worth sharing, and delete the ones that aren't.
*The photo folders on my laptop could use some serious attention. (I also really need to back up pretty much everything on both computers, but that's practically a whole other topic.)
*My Google Docs (or Drive, now, I guess, although I'll probably never start calling it that) files could use a bit of weeding through. There seem to be an awful lot of them now.
*There are 70 not yet listened to podcasts sitting in iTunes.

What am I forgetting? I'm sure there is something! Do you guys do anything like this, too?

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