Friday, December 21, 2012

New Year, New Lingerie!

I mentioned in one of my vlogs that I always spend the last week or so of December doing some "tidying up", so to speak, both online and around the house so I can start the new year off a little less cluttered. I unsubscribe from email newsletters that I never read, try to get my email inboxes down to 0, and scroll through the list of blogs I follow in Google Reader to see if there are any I want to unsubscribe from. It's just nice to start a new year with a little less mental clutter!

I've been trying to do a little bit of the same around the house! I spent about half an hour the other day organizing my socks, of all things, and tossing out any older pairs that were well passed their prime. Theeeeen I moved on to my underwear drawer. I have SO MUCH LINGERIE, and yet I am always so hesitant to throw things away. Panties where the elastic is pretty much gone, causing them to sag? I can totally get a few more wears out of those! But this year, I'm putting an end to that! I gathered up the "I can wear these a few more times!" pairs, with plans to wear pretty much only those (TMI? Maybe?) for the next week or so, and then toss 'em.

It's kind of silly when you think about how much effort most of us put into our clothes, makeup, hair, etc, that we're so willing to let other things slide just because they aren't visible!

I thought I'd offer up some fun lingerie suggestions, just in case you guys want to go into the new year all shiny and new, too! Since Pantone has declared emerald to be the official color of 2013, that's the theme of today's items! (All of these are from EdenFantasys, btw, who currently has free shipping on orders over $25! Score! They have a giant selection of sexy lingerie, but you do need to be at least 18 to shop the site.)

Satin and Lace Corset by Coquette- Usually $62.99, currently on sale for $47.24

This is probably my FAVORITE corset that I own, and giving the overstuffed status of my lingerie dresser, that's really saying something. The color is amazing, the lace is super pretty, and it comes in sizes from small up to 3X/4X. Plus, it's the type of style that you could totally put a cute black jacket over and wear to a holiday party. LOVE this one!

Bra, garter belt and g-string set- Also by Coquette- Normally $32.99, on sale for $24.74
Okay, I totally own this set, too. The style is very similar to the corset above, but this is a little more comfy for more frequent use. Sadly, this only comes in small, medium and large, and the bra from the large set will only fit a C or small D cup at the most, so mine has never gotten any real use. It kinda fits, but if I move at all it's like a boob explosion. In other words: awesome for happy fun bedroom time with a significant other, but probably not the best idea for everyday use. Of course, if you're of more average boobage, it would be amazing!

Anyone else going to join me in tossing out old underthings that don't make you feel instantly amazing when you put them on?

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